Date: 2006-09-17 01:42 pm (UTC)
*glomps* Its ok dear... I have a boat load of them. ^^ I mean I have all the friends seasons... and there are like... what ten of them.. *blushes cause she forgot already even though she's been watching them for the past like week* And then I have several of the ER seasons... I'm so behind on them... I really need to like catch myself up getting those. And then I have the first season of House too. *bounces* I really need to watch that one... cause yeah I so want the second season. Cause I've watched the second one and loved it ^^ *hugs Wilson and House living together*

Although I so know what box set I'm getting next. *bounces* I'm so ordering Supernatural soon. Ok... so I loved that show at first... then it got a bit repetative... and then bam.. they give me the whole brother with premonisions and the got me right back on it. So yeah I definately need to get that one.

And as long as you're not paying too much for them its ok. Cause yeah fifty six for two is like dirt cheap. ^^ I should probably go look on amazon for the ER ones then... if I can get them for that low a price. *runs off to figure out lunch*
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