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So, had a chat with the roommate. She was very apologetic and said she wouldn't have let them stay, only it was below freezing outside and they were too drunk to make it back to their dorms, and that it won't happen again. Which works, I guess.

I...think I'm finished with my SeSa. *eyes it* It's 6,000+ words, but it might not be done-done. Last night kinda threw my muse into angst mode and it was a bitch trying to make the fic into a happy ending. Heh. *pokes it*

Things to Do

-Study for finals
-Write my Kavanagh X-Mas fic
-Write my final X-mas fic
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...which is why I'm inside, with the heater, and the entire afternoon to work on my SeSa, which is finally falling into place. Unfortunately, I think it's going to be a bit longer than I anticipated. *eyes it* Hopefully not too long, lol. And given, it's at 3,500 right now, so it's not going to be like 10,000 words or anything, but yeah.

But I'll finish it, and then do those other two X-Mas fics, and then I can work on my brain-damaged Zelenka fic. Yay! :) Oh, and a sequel or continuation to The Rejects From McMurdo, because people want me to and I have no resistance to peer pressure. (Plus, fun plotbunnies!)

Um. Yes. A little hyper, but that always happens when I've been morose and pissy the rest of the week. It all evens out. *goes back to work on SeSa*

ETA: So, 4,700 words at the moment. That means about 2,700 words added today. Ow. Would explain my headache.


Dec. 3rd, 2006 10:44 pm
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...And instead of working on my SeSa fic, I watched a Criminal Intent marathon. And polished up a R/R fic and posted that. *headdesk*

Must stop playing the avoidance game. Seriously. Less than a week left. *headdesk some more*
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Dear Muses,

Ha. You're regular comedians, you know that? Stop bullying me, you evil things. I am going to work on the [ profile] sga_santa fic whether you want me to or not. That means stop tempting me with my McKay/Zelenka fics. Seriously. Stop. You can overwhelm me with the wonderful plots later. As in, after I'm done with the X-mas fics. Please and thank you.

Seriously, please and thank you,

Dear Sheppard,

You are being a brat. I am going to thwap you, because the [ profile] sga_santa fic? Is not about you. Therefore, you LOSE, and other folks get to do the story from their perspectives. Enjoy your final scene while you can, bucko. You've gotten your pink slip. You get to be a background character from now on.

No love,
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Yes, that's right, I've finally, finally been able to start writing on my SGA Secret Santa fic. Apparently I just needed to get properly sleep-deprived to get the creative juices flowing. *sighs* Why is that always the case? But yes, written 1,000 words and think I could write a lot of more if I didn't, y'know, feel like my eyes are burning.

*glares at clock* Why does my muse always become extra-creative once it hits 1 o'clock and wants to keep going all through the night? Does it not realize that nighttime is when I'm supposed to sleep? Oh well. Yay for the SeSa fic actually cooperating! *pokes it happily*


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