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Scroge & Marley poster

Do you like A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens? Would you enjoy a modern gay adaptation of it? If so, Scrooge & Marley (2012) is for you!

On Christmas Eve, Ben Scrooge, the man who hates the holidays, is given the chance to begin again when he is visited by three spirits – the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Revisiting the tragic missteps of his life enables Scrooge to rediscover the joy of the holiday season and make a journey back to love. Recounted from a gay sensibility with heart, comedy and music, the magic of Dickens’ timeless tale comes alive from a fresh perspective that will appeal to audiences of all persuasions.

Scrooge & Marley is a great film that adapts the story and message of A Christmas Carol to modern day issues. Scrooge runs a gay club instead of being a banker, but he’s still such as selfish and miserly as the original canon. This is shown in his refusal to help the local LGBT community and the homeless LGBT shelter. After all, he was never given help when he needed it as a gay teenager in the 70s, living at the YMCA because he had no place else to go. Why should he help anyone now? His nephew Fred is now his niece Freda, poor but happy with her wife. Fezziwig is the owner of a gay club who gives Scrooge a job and a place to stay. Bob Crachit and his husband are struggling to make financial ends meet because of their son’s medical issues.

Not only is the story excellent, but the musical score is great. (Honestly, it’s better than the actual Christmas Carol musical I watched.) And not only does it end just as optimistically as A Christmas Carol, but it goes a step further and lets you see how Scrooge has finally become a member of the community and allowed himself to form friendships and relationships that will last– and how well the shelter is going with his financial backing. It’s just a great film and I recommend it highly.

There are a few possible triggers in the movie, so I've put them behind the cut.

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So I went and saw Pacific Rim, a movie I’ve been highly anticipating for a while!

Short, non-spoilery reaction: I enjoyed it immensely, Mako is the best, the special effects were fantastic without being over-the-top, Mako is the BEST, sadly it did suffer from too many dicks on the dance floor (but I figure that’s a caveat that comes with pretty much all movies these days), and I would definitely recommend it.

Longer reaction, spoilery, behind the cut.

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Hey! Sorry that I have been so quiet lately, but now that I'm done with the semester, hopefully I'll be a bit more talkative, heh.

Stuff that has been interesting in the past few weeks for me:

-Finished my second semester of grad school! Unfortunately, this semester didn't actually teach me much about what to expect as a librarian-- so much theory, so little actual "here's what to expect when you're actually working in a library/archives/museum." But next semester I have Children's Lit AND my field study so I expect fall to be much more useful and interesting.

-Went to a wedding! ...Fainted at the wedding! Let's just say high heels, standing in crowds, and not being fed until eight at night makes for a bad combination. I am fine, just have a few nice bruises on my legs and a small cut on my chin from where I caught the railing as I crumpled. Apparently it's a family tradition to get hurt at weddings anyway-- my grandmother apparently fell down some steps and had to get stitches in her forehead at Uncle Ricky's wedding. So I had a lot of people coming up to me with a cheerful, "I hear you're continuing the family tradition! Least you didn't need stitches!"

-Saw The Avengers in 3D with my mom! Enjoyed 90% of the movie, although I had an awful migraine afterwards thanks to the 3D. No spoilers here, but now I want ALL THE FIC and a Black Widow movie. (Come on, universe, if you're not going to give me a Wonder Woman movie, at least give me a Black Widow one!)
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So my father had a history of tricking me into watching horribly depressing movies and not telling me that they're going to be depressing. This led to tears. Specifically, my tears.

One example of this is From Here to Eternity, which he neglected to mention was about, uh, *Pearl Harbor*. Watching went like this:

Me: Oh, this movie is awesome and adorable! I love all the characters! The romance is cute, and everyone's funny on this army base. I especially like the main guy's best friend!
Dad: That's nice. I'm going to bed.
*Twenty minutes later, the Japanese attack*
Me: ...WHAT'S HAPPENING? WHY IS EVERYONE DYING? Oh god, the best friend, oh god, what is happening. What? Wwwwwwhhhhhy? *sobs*


Another example would be Cabaret, which is a musical set during the 1930s in Germany.

I am rewatching it now guys.

The first time I saw this? I didn't even get that the main guy was gay. Even though there is an actual scene where his female friend tries to seduce him, he refuses, and she goes, "Oh, do you not sleep with women? If you don't, I'll totally stop trying to feel you up!" and he goes, "I don't sleep with women. To be specific, I have slept with three women and the experiences were all awful."

I was obviously way too young for that movie when I tried watching it the first time, heh. All I remember is being shocked when a guy tried to seduce the main guy (haha, oh younger me, you didn't realize the main guy was probably into it), and being shocked when the Nazis showed up. ^^;;;


Feb. 26th, 2010 10:37 pm
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I have been fighting and losing the battle with a cold all week. It seems to have settled firmly into my chest so I spent my day off on the couch watching movies. Men With Brooms, Victor/Victoria, and Thoroughly Modern Millie, in fact, the first two of which I recommend, the last which not. The good bits of it are not enough to salvage the rest of it. If you want to see it, go see the musical performed on stage, because the stage version is far less racist and sexist than the movie.

But! A quick list of pros and cons for the movies.

Men With Brooms

Pros: Paul Gross! Awesome cast. Funny dialogue. Adorable, unexpected lesbians. And I finally learned what the hell curling is. Also, that one guy they were competing against was totally gay for Paul Gross's character. I cannot blame him at all. Paul Gross makes everything sexy, from Shakespeare to, uh, curling, apparently.
Cons: Lots more sex and profanity than I was expecting. ^^;;


Pros: Awesome gay characters! Julie Andrews is really hot when she's crossdressing. There are really adorable relationships, from the main het one to the gay ones. And so many great songs.
Cons: ...I want more. What happens next? :(

Thoroughly Modern Millie

Pros: Female friendship! The women saving themselves. Muzzy being amazing and there being a crapload of subtext that she has her own harem of men in her mansion. Muzzy in general. Jimmy being adorable with his glasses.
Cons: ...Everything else. Dear movie, when there is ominous music whenever Asian characters appear on your screen, you have issues. You also have issues when your main heroine, just having saved her best friend and a dozen other women from slavery, announces she'd "doesn't want to be [her boyfriend's] equal, she wants to be his wife." Without much love, Ace.
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Seriously, people actually like the movie version of Howl's Moving Castle? Tell me these people haven't read the book, because I can't comprehend how someone who's read the book could actually enjoy this movie.

Well, there went two hours of my life I'll never get back.


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