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I had not one but TWO different older gentlemen ask me if I was married tonight. I don't wear a ring or anything that even looks like a wedding ring, clue what brought that on.

Okay, the first guy was pretty obviously drunk, but he asked if I was married and then just nodded when I said no. Okay, just curious I guess?

But the second guy is a regular customer! No clue why he'd ask. And it definitely wasn't flirting. (Although my pharmacist was joking that the guy was planning on playing matchmaker and will show up tomorrow with his grandson. Which...haha, no....please....)

Just-- weird. Never had a customer ask me that before and then two in the span of an hour, lol. *shakes head*
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So done with my job right now.

(I am also so glad I have tomorrow off, because otherwise I was going to snap and snarl at someone.)

Yesterday? I worked nine hours with no break. And I'm only getting paid for eight hours because I wasn't given permission for overtime.

Today? I fucking worked ten hours with no break and only paid for eight hours AGAIN because this guest pharmacist is useless. Jesus.

Also, when I do get to gleefully quit this job I am writing a manifesto on “how not to be a douchebag to your pharmacy”! Because people apparently need one.
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Sorry I haven't been around, but February...just plain sucked. I think my pharmacy is cursed.

No, I'm not entirely joking. In three weeks alone:

-Coworker R went to the hospital for dizzy spells (this was nearly three weeks ago, and while she's back to work, the dizzy spells haven't been diagnosed)
-Coworker E's grandmother died
-Coworker R's ex-husband died in a car accident (yes, the same Coworker R)
-Coworker M's father had a heart attack and then emergency bypass surgery

So four horrible things in the span of three weeks.

And one of my old coworkers, Coworker K, returned to work. I...look, I don't generally have strong feelings about people. But I hate her. I hate her so much. She's not particularly good at her job, she's obnoxious, she thinks she's the boss, and she slows the ENTIRE pharmacy down. So on top of watching Coworkers R, E, and M suffer, I now get to come in to the pharmacy as a disaster zone and have to pick up the pieces once Coworker K leaves for the day.

It's been stressful, and I've been feeling antisocial. Still am, to be honest, because there's a poetry reading today and my mom's trying to get me to go. My stomach hurts just thinking about it.

Oh, and I have to have $1,000 work done on my car. There goes my tax refund.

Yeah, let's definitely call February a loss.
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So I am now a pharmacy technician at Giant Pharmacy (tee hee, I'm a tech -- sadly, not a lab rat *hangs head*). I start tomorrow. *is both irritated at having a job, because it means I can't be lazy anymore and pleased at the prospect of money*


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