Jun. 11th, 2008 06:38 pm
cinaed: I improve on misquotation (Ezra Standish (Magnificent Seven))
the city skyline and the buildings that are not there from "Pompeii" by John Brehm

never you mind about those seven seals from "On a Sea of Fleur de Lis" by Richard Shindell

show a little mercy for a weary sinner from "The Next Best Western" by Richard Shindell


Feb. 25th, 2008 11:07 pm
cinaed: I improve on misquotation (R&R (Rodney/Radek))
From Rosie Thomas songs--

The Love She Thought She Found Is Just Another Hand-Me-Down Of Dwindled Grace from "Loose Ends"

If This City Never Sleeps from "If This City Never Sleeps"

And if this city never sleeps
Does that mean that no one dreams?

Some Day Some Boy Will Fall In Love With All My Flaws from "Clear As A Bell"

I'm Praying My Savior Would Just Place A Gun In My Hands from "I Run"

What Good's A Heart If It's Unclaimed from "Lorraine"

Say I'm Good At Chasing Stars from "Paper Airplane

The Songbirds Are Singing Like They Know This Chorus from "Songbird"
cinaed: I improve on misquotation (No Good Reason to Act Her Age (Vala))
Every Day, It's Less Like Haunting, More Like Remember - "Less Like Scars" by Sara Groves

In Your Hands, The Pain And Hurt Look Less Like Scars And More Like Character - "Less Like Scars" by Sara Groves

Go And Tell Your White Knight That He's Handsome In Hindsight - "Fairytale" by Sara Bareilles

I Kiss Strangers and Watch Them Die - "Kiss of Death" by Warlock

Let These Swift Roads Destroy Themselves - "Kiss the Flame" by Jewel

This Science Fiction, Tale of Beauty and Perfection - "Science Fiction" by Rufio

Your Science Is Breaking My Heart In Two - "Science" by David Usher

Science, Like Nature, Must Also Be Tamed - "Natural Science" by Rush


Nov. 19th, 2007 10:46 pm
cinaed: I improve on misquotation (Old Man OTP (Provenza/Flynn))
I...yes, I know, it's a little weird that I collect lines that would be good titles. It's fun. *shifty eyes*

you left "nirvana" as your forwarding address - from "Oh My Sister" by No Borders

"You're living in a man's world," they tell us - from "Girls of Rock 'n Roll" by Jay Levy and Terry Shaddick (A good title for an Elizabeth/Teyla/Kate/Katie-centric fic)

we don't need no truthless heroes - from "The Spy Hunter" by Project 86

fell asleep on Tuesday, woke up Monday afternoon - from "Takeoffs and Landings" by Ataris

the clouds on the horizon look like a thousand paper cranes - from "New Year's Day" by Ataris

you're suddenly a stranger in some completely different land - from "Opening: The New World" in Songs for a New World

you are your brother's keeper, but your brother won't keep - from "Brother's Keeper" by Ingram Hill (A good title for a Supernatural fic, heh)

we make our own gravity to give weight to things - from "Hour Follows Hour" by Ani DiFranco
cinaed: I improve on misquotation (If This Were Star Wars (Chuck))
...What? Don't look at me like that. I have a weird hankering for Ronon/Sheppard, and wondered if anyone on my flist had any they've read and enjoyed.

Also, I wanted to post some possible titles for fics. *shifty eyes*

I Am the Stone That Breaks Every Heart from "I Am the Stone That Breaks All Hearts" by Bill Lewis

Once There Was, And Was Not, A Castle By The Sea from "The Blue Girl" by Margarita Engle

Weary of Watching Stars That Fall, And Fall, And Forever Fall from "The Lotus-Flower" by Roderic Quinn

The Further I Go, More Letters From Home Never Arrive from "Rowing Song" by Patty Griffin


Jul. 16th, 2007 07:13 pm
cinaed: I improve on misquotation (If This Were Star Wars (Chuck))
Does anyone have any Joe Cocker songs they're willing to share? I, um, seem to have gotten myself addicted to the little snippets of music he has on his website.

If Love Is Oxygen, We're Cutting Off the Air Supply from "Love Not War" by Joe Cocker

I Have Been a Beggar And You Have Been A Fool from "Respect Yourself" by Joe Cocker

The Lights of The City Are the Stars on the Ground from "When All the Stars Were Falling" by Lisa Loeb

When all the stars were falling,
they fell from above
and I thought of hate, and I thought of hate,
and then I thought of love.
and I fell down, down, down, I fell down, down.


Jul. 3rd, 2007 09:31 pm
cinaed: I improve on misquotation (Scruffy Hero (Radek Zelenka))
I'll gladly go down in a flame if a flame's what it takes to remember my name - "Bigger Than My Body" by John Mayer (good title for a fic about that "The Siege" scene)

Just like stars burning bright, making holes in the night - "Universe & U" by KT Tunstall

You can be my best friend, I can be your right arm - "Marry Me A Little" from Company
cinaed: I improve on misquotation (Nothing Says Love)
though I choose to leave him for another kind of love - "Easy As Life" from Aida

got so many reasons for not being with someone, but haven't got one good reason for being alone - "Being Alive" from Company

throw a lonely dog a bone, it's still a bone - "Poor Baby" from Company

would man but wake from out his haunted sleep - "Turn Back, O Man" from Godspell

there's something in the wind that feels like tragedy's at hand - "Sally's Song" from The Nightmare Before Christmas

forget the lies no one ever could sell you - "Hear My Song" from Songs For a New World

why should we blaze a trail when the well worn path seems safe and so inviting? - "Louder Than Words" from Tick Tick Boom

what does it take to wake up a generation? - "Louder Than Words" from Tick Tick Boom

could write books 'bout all the things you don't know about - "I Could Write Books" from Zanna, Don't!

I could fill all the desert sands with ancient scriptures from my hands - "I Could Write Books" from Zanna, Don't!

fairy tales don't happen by magic, there's gotta be somebody waving that wand - "Zanna's Song" from Zanna, Don't!

someday I'll pay the bills with this guitar - "Hey There Delilah" by Plain White T's

if you are the shores, I am the waves begging for big moons - "Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying (Do Your Part To Save The Scene And Stop Going To Shows)" by Fall Out Boy

sing a song of Babylon, of days gone by and days to come - "Song of Babylon" by Stockyard Stoics

gave you this i.o.u. today, it said good for one galaxy - "I.O.U. One Galaxy" by The Ataris

it's time to find that galaxy that was created and named after me - "American Living" by Northstar
cinaed: I improve on misquotation (Labcoat Love (Radek Zelenka))
I Will Raise The Children If You Pay All The Bills from "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone" by Paula Cole

I've Been Living On Coffee And Nicotine from "Every Day is a Winding Road" by Sheryl Crow

Just Like The Sky, The Road Never Ends from "Gravity" by Alison Krauss

Stars Fall Every Time A Lover Has To Face The Truth (And Far Too Many Stars Have Fell On Me) from "Stars" by Alison Krauss

Love Doesn't Hurt So I Know I'm Not Falling In Love (I'm Just Falling To Pieces) from "Wreck of the Day" by Anna Nalick

Atlantis May Be Rising But We`re All Out Of Time from "We're Already There" by the Wallflowers

Now We Drink Black Coffee In Downtown Atlantis from "Deep Thrills" by Just Jack

We're Gonna Lose This Place Just Like We Lost Atlantis from "Like an Inca" by Neil Young

Does Anybody Know The Way To Atlantis? from "Someday We'll Know" by Mandy Moore

Going Down To The Valley Of The Gun from "Kingdom of Desire" by Toto

Sure As Atlantis Sank Into The Sea I'm Sinking Like A Stone from "Kingdom of Desire" by Toto
cinaed: I improve on misquotation (Nothing Says Love)
Did I mention Trespassers William is awesome? Because she really is.


My Arrow To The Moon Is So Close It Scrapes The Sides


This Isn't Home But Somehow It's Gold

"I Know"

A Thousand Days Will Lie Wasted With Thoughts Of You

Window Panes Bring Only Rain And Not Your Face

Leave You Like The Tattered Sky

"Just Like This"

With A Firefly Net You Take Back Your Kiss

Nothing's Either Under The Right Or The Left Hand


Love's A Window Ledge You're Talking Me Down From

"My Eyes Were Closed"

Ride Your Sympathy Like A Train

"No One"

Between Miles And A Stone's Throw

"Washes Away"

If I Drown I'll Wake In The Morning

This Is Liquid Love In A Plastic Cup (If It Leaks We Can Plug It Right Back Up)

This Is Peace (I Know 'Cause I'm Too Tired To Cry)

I'll Never Get Close To You (And I'm Just Too Distracted To Try)


Moments That Turn Into Worlds In Your Hands

"What Could I Say"

I Tore My Pockets Out And Gave Them All To You

"What Of Me?"

When I Touch You There's Words On Your Body


And from poems by Nin Harris.

"Train of Thought"

Stasis In Motion

"West Country"

Birthed Naked By Vertigo

Climbing Upward In Search Of Avalon

My Feet Crossed A Threshold Without Knowing


Characters Not In Tune With The Rest Of The Plot

"Lough Beg"

Soaked In The Chill Of A Foreign Sea

"The Second Gloaming"

My Feet Remembers Underwater

"Wall of Words"

Wordchild Dancing Within Syntax And Context

"The Fourth Pathway"

Up The Faerie Hill And Down Again

"Crazy Quilt"

The Edge Of A Universe Within The Flicker Of A Flame

"The Soul's Kiss"

Beguiling Mystery Of Tunes Half-Remembered

If x= The Effect On My Existence And y= The Purpose Of My Days

"What the Woods Mean"

Stars May Annoint Us With Courage

You Cannot Remove These Woodland Quests, Only Mutate The Labyrinth


May. 15th, 2007 04:46 pm
cinaed: I improve on misquotation (Labcoat Love (Radek Zelenka))
Just for my own references, a few lyrics that'll work well as story titles:

"Alone" by Trespassers William

You Are Calm And Symmetry (And I'm An Empty Hole)

The Way The Night Has Trapped A Star

"Love is Blindness" by Trespassers William

Love Is Clockworks And Cold Steel

A Dangerous Idea That Almost Makes Sense

"Vapour Trail" by Trespassers William

You Are A Vapour Trail In A Deep Blue Sky

"Not Within Arms Length" by Poison the Well

I'd Sever The Stars From The Sky (And Place Them In Your Hands)

Maybe If I Grew Wings (Maybe If You Lost Yours)

"Catch a Falling Star" by Perry Como

Catch A Falling Star And Put It In Your Pocket

You'll Have A Pocketful Of Starlight


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