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 So instead of doing anything productive with my life for the past two months I have been watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I...mostly don't regret that decision since right now my ability to write anything is null and void, but also because DS9 was a very good show (though I do have several quibbles with the final season). 

But anyway! My thoughts on DS9 aka SPOILERS GALORE:

  • When I attempted to watch the show back in.... *mumble* undergrad back in 2006ish *mumble* I bailed at around season 3, which meant my favorite characters were pretty much Garak and Bashir and that was about it. This go around I loved pretty much everyone, but Kira, Nog, Garak, and Rom were the ones I enjoyed watching develop the most. (I still love Garak, and still ship Garak/Bashir but wow do I want to shake Bashir a lot A LOT.)
  • All of my favorite episodes ended up being either Kira episodes, Quark/Ferengi episodes, Jadzia being awesome episodes, Garak/Cardassians episodes, or episodes where Sisko gets to shine without being bogged down with the Prophet stuff like the Gabriel Bell episodes and Far Beyond the Stars. 
  • I enjoyed how many different friendships and relationships there were on the show! Personal favorites include Jake and Nog, Dax and Sisko, Jake and Sisko, Worf/Jadzia, Garak/Bashir, Quark/Odo, Sisko and Nog, Garak and Odo, Kasidy/Sisko, Quark and his family, Odo/Kira, Kira and her Cardassians, every single one of Quark's weird romances (why did that awesome Cardassian dissident lady come back? why did Pel never get to show up again? you failed me show!), and all of Sisko's weird nemeses shouting "HATE/LOVE ME, SISKO!"
  • That said, BENJAMIN LAFAYETTE SISKO! How dare you pull a Goku on your family? I don't care what the Prophets told you! This is not what Kasidy signed up for in the "for better or for worse" portion of marriage! 
  • Also I realize I should be annoyed by LGBTQ characters only being allowed in the Mirrorverse and being mostly evil, and I am, but I also loved all the weird shenanigans of Kira and her harem, Ezri/Leeta, and Garak hitting on Worf, like...I can't help it, that was great. But also I feel like gender/sexuality should be unimportant for joined Trills after a while, and also with the Ferengi culture being so toxic towards women that there should be a lot of male partnerships.
  • Most of the villains were fascinating! I really loved Kai Winn and for the most part Gul Dukat, as well as the Dominion threat, and really wished that we'd focused on the Cardassian resistance in the final season instead of the Prophets/pah wraiths deal. Also...someone please help the Jem'hadar. They deserve better.  
  • My biggest complaint was the dim lighting, because half the time I couldn't figure out what was going on. Let us see the characters in the scene guys! I would like to see people's expressions during vital conversations! 
Fanworks I want:

  • Fix-it for Ziyal. Just imagine her staying on the station and becoming an artist collaborating with Jake for his books and news articles! Imagine them being Joseph Sisko's pride and joy as they help the abandoned Cardassian orphans on Bajor, visit Cardassia Prime post-show to tell the galaxy about its rebuilding efforts, write about the female Founder's trial, go to Ferenginar to study the social revolution, or just roam around the galaxy.
  • Post-show look at the Jem'hadar and the Vorta in the aftermath of the Founders' defeat and the Federation trial of the female Founder. What do they become when they have no battle to fight? When they see their gods brought low and defeated? I actually feel like the Klingons and the Jem'hadar both have a lot in common and both need fundamental changes to survive and would be really interested in seeing their races change and adapt. 
  • After a discussion with bookelfe, an AU fic where Bashir manages to save Jadzia but Ezri still ends up with the symbiont, because it would be messy and complicated and interesting, with Ezri still having to adjust to being joined when that wasn't in her plans at all, still having some of Jadzia's memories, while Jadzia now has no memories of her joined hosts and she and Worf have to work through their relationship as Jadzia learns to live with just herself in her head.  
  • I realize "Bashir goes to Cardassia and reunites with Garak" is a staple and the equivalent of post-seine JVJ fic but I want all the varieties! There are a bunch of ways I can see Julian ending up there and I'd like to see all the options play out.
  • Also Bajoran and Cardassian rebuilding stories, both of them recovering from the different occupations, with guest stars like Quark's ex and those awesome female scientists! What does Bajor do in the aftermath of the Dominion War? Do they finally join the Federation? How about Cardassia?
  • More about the social revolution on Ferenginar that happened off-screen (come on show, that would've been a more interesting episode than O'Brien and Bashir rummaging around that Section 31 guy's mind!) because I have decided that Pel gets to come back and become Rom's financial adviser. Also more Ferengi women getting to go out and do business and make profit.
  • Quark and Kira post-show, missing Odo together. Kira in general, because her as the person in charge of the station was a great character choice and I'd love to see more of her life post-finale.  
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...No, I am not writing DS9 fic. There is nothing to see here. *shifty eyes* I'm up to season 4, and simply enjoying the heck out of it.

Post-Indiscretions Garak fic snippet )
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*just watched 'The Wire'* Holy crap, that was one of the slashiest episodes I've ever seen. Like, honestly. Garak and Bashir just need to admit those lunches of theirs are dates.

Please tell me Bashir/Garak was the OTP of DS9. And that there is a lot of awesome fic.

Also, I keep wishing for fanfic about Jadzia and Kira being friends, maybe some bonding over Jadzia's weird taste in men (uh, like the guy whose skull was see through so everyone could see his brain-- really, Dax? really?).
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Hee. So, after watching the new Star Trek movie, I've been watching Star Trek: The Original Series and the first season of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine for the first time. A few thoughts:

Star Trek TOS

1. Uhura is awesome. And is a fantastic singer.

2. not a Kirk/Spock shipper. I know, I know, but instead I'm really enjoying Spock and Bones bantering instead.

3. William Shatner is a much better actor than I thought he was. Also, he looks really good shirtless. Which is pretty much every other episode, so it's nice to see the producers of a 1960s show understood what women wanted to see on their television!

4. ...Wow, Bones is sort of an alcoholic, you guys. :( Is there going to be an episode where Kirk and some of the other crewmates take Bones aside from an intervention so he doesn't perform surgery on someone while intoxicated?

Star Trek DS9

1. Garak is AWESOME. I loved him from the moment he sat down at Bashir's table and started talking in that half-seductive, half-amused way of his.

2. I want to pat Dr. Bashir on the head because he's so EARNEST and NAIVE, and constantly sticks his foot in his mouth.

3. Hahaha, Miles O'Brien and Julian Bashir's interactions are brilliant, since they pretty much go along these lines:

BASHIR: *brightly* We should be friends! *goes on a long, rambling explanation of why, which is pretty much all about Bashir being needy*
O'BRIEN: ...Yeah, how about no.
BASHIR: But-- but-- why not?
O'BRIEN: Because I hate your face, sir. >:-(
BASHIR: *crestfallen* But we should be the bestest friends ever! You should call me Julian instead of sir!
O'BRIEN: *icily* Is that an order?
BASHIR: Well, no, but I really, really, REALLY want you to. *puppy dog eyes*
O'BRIEN: ...Hate. You. So. Much.

4. Pretty much every character on the show is awesome (with the exception of the Ferengi because they annoy me and have WAY too much episodes focused on them being greedy assholes). Kira? Awesome. Odo? Awesome. Jadzia? Awesome. Both Sisko's? Awesome. Yay for an awesome ensemble cast.
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The answer is: a lot.

Especially when she shows us stuff like this for class:


This is why I love SGA fandom and Rodney/Radek. *points at Rodney/Radek manip by [ profile] liviapenn* Tell her how awesome she is in this post. (She also did a Sam/Vala and John/Teyla Valentine. Because she's awesome.)

*gets distracted by the gorgeous image of Rodney and Radek* God, it's just so PRETTY and...mmm....

Other fun with SGA on Youtube behind the cut )

Okay, done now. *wanders off*


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