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So, a couple days ago I was playing the icon pairing meme, and the first pairing was Vala/Radek and I went... "Already wrote that!"

And then I got curious and looked at how many pairings I have written for Stargate fandom.


I have written 30 different pairings for Stargate Atlantis.

List of pairings to spare the disinterested )
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Title: The Ship of Fools (AO3 version)
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Daniel Jackson, Jack O'Neill, John Sheppard, Teyla Emmagan, Elizabeth Weir, Marshall Sumner, Ensemble
Summary: Daniel returns to Atlantis with a dead man's dust in his mouth, Marshall Sumner's blood on his hands, and image of those awakened Wraith seared forever into his memory.
Author's Notes: Thanks go out to schlicky for beta-reading this for me. This AU is based on the idea that Daniel Jackson goes with the expedition to Atlantis in "Rising."
Length: 6,350 words

Being set on the idea of getting to Atlantis, you have discovered of course only the Ship of Fools is making the voyage this year. )
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And here's my Stargate fanfiction, all nice and organized as well. Some stories may have both het and slash pairings, but the story is placed in the section of the main pairing. For example, Scorecards has Rodney/Radek and John/Elizabeth, but the emphasis is on R/R, so it is in the R/R section.

My Stargate Fanfiction )
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The authors were revealed for [ profile] multiverse2004. I wrote, well, this:

Title: Last Year's War
Rating: PG
Pairing: Jack O'Neill/Elizabeth Weir pre-ship
Fandoms: Stargate: SG-1/Stargate: Atlantis
Warning: Implied character death
Summary: They tell him it's a promotion, but he knows better.
Author's Notes: This is set after SG-1 Season 10. However, seeing as I haven't seen Season 10, this ending is not canon, so no worries about spoilers.
Word Count: 1,400

I'm still bloody from last year's war / with liars and lovers untrue / and hey you with your stars out / I have no angry words for you )
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This was just supposed to be a short list for [ profile] duckduck, and then I realized why not put my favorite fics all in the same place rather than combing frantically through my favorites when the mood strikes me?

Anyways, here you go. :)


Speak No Evil by [ profile] casspeach (PG, set during S1)

A short, humorous fic, where a 'love doctor' takes McKay's voice from him. This was one of the first M/Z fics I ever read, and it made me fall in love with McKay and Zelenka and truly be able to see them together.

Stay by [ profile] spubba (PG-13)

Radek has a close call. Fluff follows. (And what lovely fluff it is.) The characterizations of McKay and Zelenka are dead-on, and you really feel Zelenka's terror at his close call.

Through a glass darkly by [ profile] rosewildeirish (R, spoilers through "Trinity")

Written for [ profile] sga_santa, this a very poignant piece set after McKay returns after being believed dead. Heart-wrenching, well-written, and intriguing, this is well worth a read.

Atlantis Santa by [ profile] kat_lair (PG)

Written for me during [ profile] sga_santa, this fic is sweet without being sickeningly so. It's wonderful and never fails to cheer me up. How sweet is the story? Just look at the summary: The Secret Santa gift exchange at Atlantis causes Rodney and Radek some headache. Not to mention that weird fluttery feeling somewhere low in the abdominal region.

Untitled ficlet by [ profile] pierson (PG, set in S1)

...Okay, I will be pimping a few of [ profile] pierson's fics because she is amazing and possibly the best writer in the fandom. Her writing is lush, her characterizations are dead on, and you can read her stories over and over again. Here's just the first of a few. ;) (You'll have to scroll down past a popslash drabble to get to the ficlet.)

An example of [ profile] pierson's writing:

Zelenka’s arms crossed over his chest, slim hands tucked beneath his armpits, and his narrow face shaped itself into a scowl. “You heard me rightly. Do not pretend that you did not.”

Rodney leaned back in his desk chair, and crossed his own arms. Before him, on the open laptop, spun the simulation they’d been working on not five minutes before. Before Zelenka evidently succumbed to whatever was the Pegasus galaxy’s version of space crazies. “Fine, then. I’m left with no other choice than to assume you have finally lost your mind.”

Unable to remain still, Zelenka’s arms unfolded, and his hands danced in the air. The scowl changed to an earnestness that Rodney had long ago learned usually meant trouble, and trouble for him, specifically. “No, no, I have finally come to my senses. I have thought about this, given it consideration, and have come to conclusion that it is a good plan. Efficient. Practical.”

Ancient Geek Artifacts by [ profile] kyrdwyn (NC-17)

One thing I love about McKay and Zelenka is that they're just plain nerds. This fic, in which the Ancients used whiteboards as well, is a short, wonderful piece about them being scientists, with all their nerdy turn-ons.

Detox by [ profile] 3jane (PG, set after "The Seige")

An interesting look at McKay and Zelenka detoxing from all the amphetamines they survived. Brilliant characterization of the two scientists, and an interesting read.

Keep Breathing by [ profile] pierson (NC-17)

...Remember how I said I'd be pimping a few [ profile] pierson fics? Yes. Um. This is probably my favorite M/Z fic in existance. I've read it, oh, seven or eight times? Again, her writing's lush, and the slow slide into attraction and a relationship is beautiful. It is on the long side at 17,000 words, so make sure that you have plenty of free time to appreciate this gem.

The Secret Life of Scientists by [ profile] julad (R, spoilers for S1)

Hands down, this is the McKay/Zelenka fic. Even McShep fans have it on their rec lists. It's brilliant, it's poignant, and it's one of the best works I've ever had the pleasure of reading. I still get choked up over certain parts, and I've read this probably as many times as I've read "Keep Breathing." Also a long one, so make sure you have time to enjoy this gem as well.

Untitled ficlet by [ profile] pierson (PG-13)

Mmm, [ profile] pierson writes some of the hottest kissing I've ever read, and this short ficlet is a prime example of that.

Science Geeks by [ profile] kylielee1000 (NC-17)

Brilliant characterization of McKay and Zelenka, wonderful prose and dialogue. This was probably the second M/Z fic I ever read, and the slow struggle McKay has with his 'inappropriate' feelings towards a collegue ensnared me and will no doubt ensnare you as well.

Connection by [ profile] frostfire_17 (R)

A short piece where Rodney contemplates what he has in Radek. It's sweet and yet Rodney remains utterly himself, arrogant and egotistical, well-aware of his faults but not being bothered to try and fix them.

TMI by [ profile] rosewildeirish (R-ish)

The boys aren't fooling anyone, especially not John Sheppard. This is Sheppard in all his glory, happy for his friends but really, really not wanting to know about, well, that. This fic is short and humorous, and is definitely worth a read.

Fault Tolerance by [ profile] wickedwords (PG-13)

"A jumper explodes, Radek is injured, and Sheppard keeps showing up." This is hurt/comfort at its best. The writing is elegant and makes you really feel what Zelenka is going through, and McKay and Sheppard are very much themselves during the aftermath. And again, there is a beautiful build-up to a relationship.

Begin Here by [ profile] agentotter (R, set during "The Seige")

[ profile] agentotter is a brilliant writer, and this fic is no exception. McKay and Zelenka are detoxing and miserable, and remain themselves despite the fact that they almost wish a Wraith would come along and end their suffering.

This by [ profile] miera_c (NC-17)

Zelenka and McKay bickering and being wholly themselves, stubborn and proud, is always lovely to see on the show, and [ profile] miera_c brings that same aspect to her fic. A short, simple piece, it's an excellent look at McKay and Zelenka's relationship.

At This Hour by [ profile] mr_yoshimi (PG-13, spoilers for "The Hive")

A short, really interesting piece set while Rodney's in the infirmary under the influence of the enzyme. The pacing of the fic is brilliant, and all in all, it's an enjoyable read.

Off His Chest by [ profile] rosewildeirish (R/NC-17ish)

Written for a "body parts" challenge, "Off His Chest" is about Zelenka becoming obsessed with a certain...part of McKay's physique. It's an interesting look at attraction and the slow slide into infatuation.

Beneath the Roses by [ profile] julad (PG, set during S1)

A fic full of miscommunication and humor, with a dose of melancholy towards the end, it's an enjoyable read. [ profile] julad's McKay-and-Zelenka banter is beautiful, so definitely take a peek.

Connection by [ profile] noctuabunda (G, set during S1, pre-slash)

Set in the months leading up to "Rising," this is such a lovely, short piece, in which you really feel for Zelenka, struggling to adjust to speak English constantly and not quite getting all the weird little English sayings and in which you really see how the dynamic between McKay and Zelenka began.

Tao of Lust by [ profile] lobelia321 (NC-17, spoilers for "Tao of Rodney")

A very, very unique writing style, which fascinates me. If you're looking for something different, check this one out, because it's interesting and engrossing.

Take What You Can Get by [ profile] tzi and [ profile] zaganthi (NC-17, spoilers for "Trinity")

One of the best post-"Trinity" make-up fics out there. Radek and Rodney remain wholly themselves, the sex scene is one of the best I've ever read, and the dialogue is wonderful.

Silent Lucidity by [ profile] pierson (NC-17, warning: light BDSM)

An interesting look at Radek and Rodney's relationship and Rodney's personality, made even better by her wonderful prose and beautiful descriptions.


Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose by [ profile] synecdochic (R, future-fic)

Just as "The Secret Life of Scientists" is the McKay/Zelenka fic, this is the McKay/Sheppard, or, it can be said, the SGA fic. I don't think I've seen many rec lists without this, and for good reason. This is one of the most superb pieces of writing I've even read. Set post-Atlantis, this is a broken Rodney McKay who picks up the pieces and struggles to move on.

And the band's playing "hail to the chief" by [ profile] synecdochic (PG-13)

A coda to "Freedom is Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose" that is equally brilliant and poignant.

The Dark Side by [ profile] astolat (R, "Star Wars" AU)

Yes, you read correctly. A "Star Wars" AU. With Rodney as the rather bitter Jedi and Sheppard as the Sith, this fic is quirky, well-written, and at the same time very poignant.


we were never good soldiers (or very good fighters) by [ profile] minervacat (R, spoilers up to "The Return I")

Baby!fic! A lovely, slightly melancholy but beautifully hopeful look at how life goes on, how it MUST go on, in the Pegasus Galaxy.

The Bee-Charmer by [ profile] hth_the_first (PG-13)

[ profile] hth_the_first is one of the best writers out there, and this fic shows that. The prose is wonderful, the story subtle and heart-warming, and Ronon and Teyla are wonderful in it.


Thirteen O'Clock by [ profile] hth_the_first (NC-17)

I don't really see Ronon/Rodney. That said, [ profile] hth_the_first makes me believe it. The writing is beautiful, the prose is lush, and the characterizations are dead-on, with Rodney being his normal, oblivious self and not realizing that he and Ronon are, in fact, dating.

The Hands of Yes by [ profile] hth_the_first (NC-17, spoilers for "Trinity")

*points above to 'Thirteen O'Clock'* This fic really looks into Ronon's heritage and the Satedan culture, and is both sad and sweet. Definitely take the time to read this.

Other - Gen, Het, Slash, and Femslash

Blood Beat Back by [ profile] synecdochic (R, AU, SGA/SG-1 crossover, spoilers for "Michael")

(Michael/Daniel) Who lays their hands on a Wraith? Daniel Jackson, apparently. This is a fascinating look at Michael, Daniel Jackson, and what exactly the retrovirus has done and continues to do to Michael. Gritty, desperate, harsh, painful, this fic is intriguing.

If There Be Thorns by [ profile] astolat (NC-17, sequel to "Beneath the Roses")

(McKay/Zelenka/Sheppard) This fic makes the melancholy of "Beneath the Roses" just a bittersweet memory. The dialogue is wonderful and believable, and the prose well-done. Definitely worth a read.

Old Soul Song (For a New World Order) by [ profile] amitee (R, future-fic, warning: death)

(Sheppard/Cadman UST, Cadman/Beckett, Sheppard/Weir) What if the Atlantis expedition was recalled after suffering too many losses and then scattered to every corner of the Earth? [ profile] amitee writes a brilliant, poignant piece on Cadman and Sheppard both trying to adjusting to Earth battlefields, to having to consider Earth 'home' once more.

A Slip of the Tongue by [ profile] agentotter (PG, SGA/SG-1 crossover)

(McKay/Carter) I am not a big fan of McKay/Carter, at least not how they're written together on the show, but this? This I adore. This short fic about Carter coming to Atlantis works. McKay is purely himself, Carter is purely herself, and their banter is wonderful.

The Towers On The Heights Reach To Heav'n's Own Blue by [ profile] minervacat (R, SGA/SG-1 crossover)

(Gen) This is all about sports. ...Seriously. But that shouldn't deter you. It didn't deter me and the only sport I know anything about is soccer. The summary reads: "In which John Sheppard hates cricket and accidentally starts an intramural soccer league, and Cameron Mitchell thinks McKay's sister sucks." A lengthy story (it's a little over 9,000 words), it's humorous, witty, and has wonderful characterizations of the SGA cast, as [ profile] minervacat's always do.

The Human Stain by [ profile] tevere (NC-17, spoilers for "Michael")

(Michael/Teyla) I know some of you are probably going, "Michael and Teyla? Are you on crack?" but my god, this is one brilliant piece of writing. Teyla is dead-on, with her bittersweet mixture of pity and hatred, as is Michael, who is struggling to figure out who he is.

The Crane Wife by [ profile] brighidestone (PG, spoilers for "Hot Zone")

(Miko/Dumais) One thing that has always amazed me about SGA is that someone can take characters who have only been in a single episode and make them real. [ profile] brighidestone uses beautiful imagery to flesh out both Miko and Dumais, and it is a truly enjoyable read.

Where The Fruit Is by [ profile] pierson (R)

(Lorne/Zelenka) [ profile] pierson writes first-times exquisitely, and "Where The Fruit Is" is no exception. She writes a brilliant Lorne and Zelenka, with a fun dose of McKay with horrible timing. This fic will make you smile.

Care Packages by [ profile] auburnnothenna (PG-13, SGA/SG-1 crossover)

(Gen) This is a cute fic where Carter and the rest of SG-1 send the Atlantis expedition some 'care packages.' Everyone is dead-on, and the story is both humorous and touching.

I Might And You Might (But Neither Of Us Do, Though, And Neither Of Us Will) (NC-17, SGA/SG-1 crossover, spoilers for "The Pegasus Project" and "Misbegoten") by [ profile] minervacat

(Sheppard/Mitchell) [ profile] minervacat is one of the best writers out there. Her style is brilliant, and her characterization of Sheppard and Mitchell are perfect and thought-provoking.

The Same Boy You've Always Known by [ profile] svendra (PG-13, SGA/SG-1 crossover, warning: death)

(McKay/Carter) McKay and Carter save the world. Gorgeously written, with dialogue that could be from an actual script (okay, which is probably better than some of the scripts SGA's had), this is heart-wrenching and wonderful.

Tangled Headwires by [ profile] mspooh (PG-13)

(Sheppard/Weir) A lengthy but engrossing fic in which Sheppard and Weir get trapped in a cave and (thanks to some crazy technology) partly in each other's heads. There's wonderful banter and UST, and excellent characterization of them both. Definitely worth a read.

my soul made me chariots for a princely people by [ profile] medie (R)

(Lorne/Emmagan) A lot of fandom seems to forget that Teyla does have a sense of humor, at times a wicked sense of humor. [ profile] medie nails Teyla's personality, and her seduction of Lorne is a pleasure to read.

The Best Portion by [ profile] pierson (NC-17)

(Beckett/Emmagan) At 30,000 words, this is the story that opened my eyes to the idea of Carson/Teyla. As always, [ profile] pierson's writing is lush and poetic, and the slow build-up of the relationship is a treat. Definitely take a look.

Graceful Exit by [ profile] astolat (NC-17, set right after "Grace Under Pressure")

(Sheppard/McKay/Zelenka) "Grace Under Pressure" leaves our heroes with a bit of quandary that is never really resolved, and [ profile] astolat's fic is a lovely portrayal of the immediate moments after the final scene of the episode.

Persistant Ache by [ profile] skandrae (G)

(Weir/Zelenka) A very short, sweet piece which shows how quiet and lovely a relationship could be between Elizabeth and Radek.

The Water Rushes by [ profile] pierson (NC-17)

(Miko/Radek) Like in "The Crane Wife," it always amazes me how SGA writers can take a character who was in a single episode and flesh them out. [ profile] pierson's Miko is wonderful, as is her Radek, and their relationship is intriguing. You'll enjoy this look at a brief night on Atlantis.
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Seriously. Today, twice -- no, not once, but TWICE -- those stupid go-cart things have tried to run me over on campus and forced me to jump into the mud to avoid getting squished. And then this asshole almost ran me over at a cross-walk. Hello, pedestrian!

And then we had a pop quiz in Psych, which I bombed because I'd been sick when she went over that part of the chapter. And then I had an exam for Religion.

Now, I've finally gotten to one of the scenes in "Art of Drowning" I've been waiting 11,000 words to write, but I don't have time, because I have a six-page report to write for Contemporary Literature. Boo.

And I really, really adore Jonas Quinn, only to find he's only in 25 episodes. Gah. *hugs him and wishes he could have stuck around, since he's less holier-than-thou than Daniel is*

*wants to crawl back into bed and skip the rest of the day*

Oh, and something's wrong with my AOL email account so I get to call Daddy Dearest and put up with his bullshit to get it fixed. Jesus Christ, can this month be done with please?

Oh, SG-1

Feb. 17th, 2007 07:22 pm
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You are redeeming yourself with season six, yes, indeed.

Okay, does anyone else adore Jonas Quinn? He's cute and smiley and I want to pinch his cheeks or pat him on the head or, um, give him a hug. (What? The boy needs some love, damnit!)

And him and McKay interacting is awesome and made me grin like an idiot. Please tell me there is Jonas/Rodney fic. ...Please? *puppy dog eyes* Or at least a fic where Jonas goes to Atlantis? C'mon people, work with me here. Jonas is a puppy personified and there needs to be fic about him.

I mean, look at him:

Jonas Quinn 3

Jonas Quinn and Rodney McKay

*looks around hopefully for fic*
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Now I really remember why I love SGA better than SG-1.

Because SGA doesn't keep killing my favorite minor characters off. *growls at S5*

Stop killing off Sam's love interests. I LIKE them and they've had interesting personalities, damnit! And stop killing off the other cute minor characters, goddamnit. Just. Stop. Killing. People.

*stomps foot and stops watching SG-1 for the night*

*sulkily goes to work on fic instead*

ETA: Comments contain spoilers for SGA's "Sunday."
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So, my mother has been a Special Education teacher for, oh, eight years now, and even though she got her Master's two years back to be, you know, a reading specialist and get away from the craptastic stupidity that are IEPs, her school forced two classes of Special Ed upon her.

So what does she do? Bring my extensive manga collection to class. And the middle schoolers read. And like it. And are willing to buy my unwanted manga from me.

*ca-ching* Not to mention I am aiding in the spawning of future manga-obsessed generations. Go me. *grins*

But yeah, I buy almost all my manga on sale, so the kids can have the manga for 5, 6 dollars apiece. Over winter break (because I was very, very bored) I rooted through my manga collection and made a big box of manga I don't read or have finished and don't want to keep.

So yes, money in my pocket, which is good, especially since I celebrated by buying a used box set of SG-1 season 5 ("Meridian" and "48 Hours" -- I need to see these episodes, damnit) and pre-ordered SGA S2, which will supposed come out in March. (I wonder how long it will take them to move the release date over to April?)

Woo! *wanders off to watch the Oprah episode with Grey's Anatomy and resist the urge to pat TR Knight on the head and send him cookies*
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Why does Gateworld not have the transcripts for "Meridian"? I need to know if everyone's bodies vanish when they Ascend, or if it was just the Ancients. *eyes Gateworld*

*pauses, eyes [ profile] firebubbles310 as well* I also need new friends, ones who don't go, "Hey, 'Home is the Place We Bury Our Dead' is a neat title, you should write something!" Like I need more fics to write. *pokes*

In other news, I was worried about a response log for my level-400 Medieval Literature class, about whether I'd done it wrong or not -- apparently I did it exactly right, since the teacher had me and another student read ours aloud (had I and another student read ours aloud? I think the first try was right. Ugh, grammar, why do you torment me so?). It was quite an honor, considering I'm the only sophomore in a class of juniors and seniors, but I hate the sound of my own voice, so I wasn't really happy about the "speaking aloud" aspect of the honor. ;)
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Title: Self-Preservation
Author: [ profile] cinaed
Fandom: SG-1
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jack O'Neill/Daniel Jackson
Summary: Jack O'Neill is not as well practiced at the art of self-preservation as he would like.
Author's Notes: This is my first Jack/Daniel fic. And it was going to be angsty, but then it turned into a fluff fic. Haha. Set sometime after "Forever In A Day."
Word Count: 919

Most people thought Jack didn't have a whit of common sense. He often suspected they were right. )

SG-1 Recs

May. 1st, 2006 02:19 am
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All of them are Jack/Daniel. *grins*

Grown Men Don't Freak by Annie D and Katryne.

Quotation: Daniel looked at him. It was the same Jack. Colonel. Team leader. Friend. Hero. Pain in the ass.


Okay. It was obvious his brain still needed some time to recover.

It was also obvious his brain needed to recover in some Jack-free space, as a familiar hand rested on his shoulder and he was trying very hard not to yelp.

“You okay?”

“Yes sir, though I can’t wait to get out of the infirmary,” Sam answered, even though it was obvious to everyone that she wasn’t the one the question was directed to.

“Takes more than a broken ankle to keep you down, Carter,” Jack replied easily, though he was still looking at the adamantly-not-looking-at-Jack Daniel.

“So what did Hammond say?” Daniel asked. See? He was not freaking out.

Proclivity by Faded.

Quotation: Daniel was frowning again. And it was the really intent kind of frown, too, because when normal people frowned they'd just draw their brows together and turn their mouth down. In Daniel's case, the eyebrows were more like hawks riding on air currents: they'd drift up and up, then swoop down again, and then repeat the process over and over.

"You're making me tired," Jack complained.

Hands by Apocrypha.

Quotation: Daniel can talk without his hands, but not about anything important. His hands always surprise me; they're always stronger than I think they should be. There's a faint tracery of scar lines over the palms and the backs, the text of time spent working outdoors in stone and rubble. He doesn't have the cluster of scars framing his knuckles that I do. My hands are clearly the hands of a man that had to learn to think before acting.

And I did learn, mostly. So I backslide, sometimes. Sheesh.

Ciphers by Destina Fortunato.

Quotation: He sneezed - too much dust in the air - and then tried to get his bearings. He moved the light, tracking it through the darkness as he looked for something familiar, until - yes, there; the writing. As the light touched the ancient symbols, Daniel stared, enthralled. Each symbol had its own unique color. "Weird," he whispered, and reached out to touch them. The colors were vivid and distinct, shades he'd never seen in a box of crayons, a palette so ghostly and strange he thought he might be hallucinating.

There were sounds above him, tiny pebbles rolling off larger boulders, but Daniel didn't pay attention. The colors seemed to have no larger meaning. Daniel wanted to remember, to take them back for study.

"Jack!" he shouted, and a brilliant burst of violet exploded before his eyes. "What the hell..." He spoke the puzzled words aloud, but the fading colors that arrived on the heels of Jack's name compelled him to say it again - this time, in a whisper. "Jack."

Same brilliant purples, but muted this time.

He closed his eyes, heart pounding. Definitely something wrong with his eyes. Or his brain.


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