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List all the songs whose lyrics you've used for fic titles.

All The Crazy Married People (The Office/How I Met Your Mother crossover) - title from "Side by Side" from the musical Company
Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together (Stargate Atlantis) - title from "Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together" by Morrissey
Blinded by the White Light (CSI: Las Vegas) - title from "Untitled" by Simple Plan
California Dreaming (CSI: Las Vegas) - title from "California Dreaming" by The Mommas and the Papas
The Fate You’ve Carved on Me (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) - the title comes from "Gravity" by Vienna Teng
Friends in Low Places (CSI: Las Vegas) - title from "Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks
The Girl With the Weight of the World in Her Hands (Stargate: Atlantis) - the title comes from "The Girl With the Weight of the World in Her Hands" by Indigo Girls
A Glacier's Patience (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) - the title comes from "This Tornado Loves You" by Neko Case
Hanging by a Moment (CSI: Las Vegas) - title from "Hanging by a Moment" by Lifehouse
Hello, Young Lovers (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) - title from "Hello, Young Lovers" from the musical The King and I
I'm Gonna Need a Forklift ‘Cause All the Baggage Weighs a Ton (How I Met Your Mother) - title from "Almost" by Bowling for Soup
The Land of a Thousand Words (Stargate: Atlantis) - title from "The Land of a Thousand Words" by Scissor Sisters
Last Year's War (Stargate: Atlantis/SG-1 crossover) - title from "Last Year's War" by Sarah Slean
Like An Idea She Came To Me (Stargate: Atlantis) - title from "She Says" by Ani DiFranco
Now The Clocks Are Running (Stargate: Atlantis) - title from "Love in the Lies" by Amos Lee
Outnumbered Like the Alamo (Stargate: Atlantis) - title from "This is War" by Ben Kweller
Pity the Child (House, M.D.) - title from "Pity the Child" from the musical Chess
Round and Round the Roundabout (Back Where We Began) (CSI: Las Vegas) - title from "Turning" from the musical Les Miserables
she seeks the stars (and spirals up their stairs) (Doctor Who - 1963) - title from "She Lives in a Time of Her Own" by the 13th Floor Elevators
So hot with love, we burned our hands (Stargate: Atlantis) - title from "Currents" by Dashboard Confessional
Tell Your Story Now (Boy Meets World) - title from "Shine" by Vienna Teng
We Make Our Own Gravity To Give Weight To Things (Stargate: Atlantis/SG-1 crossover) - title from "Hour Follows Hour" by Ani DiFranco
Well he's a mourning star with a champagne heart (Stargate: Atlantis) - title from "Prodigal Son" by Bad Religion
You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son (Stargate: Atlantis) - title from "You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son" by Wolf Parade


Jun. 25th, 2010 05:52 pm
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My mother and I went to the yearly library book sale and...bought a lot of books. And some super cheap CDs!

Music and books behind the cut )

So 4 CDs and 12 books. And I am so happy about finally tracking down Gaudy Night. Now I can finally read the rest of my Peter Wimsey books! (I wanted to read them in order.)
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And that is how I will keep singing this song under my breath until spring, heh.

And then the snow,
And then the snow came, we were always out shoveling,
And we'd drop to sleep exhausted,
Then we'd wake up, and it's snowing again.

Also, I am still pissed that the person I spoke to at my job today tried to guilt trip me into working today. Dude, it snowed six inches over night, and there are 25 MPH winds and I can't see out my window, pretty much, and also, is saying not to venture outside, so suck on it. I mean, it's not even like my job is vital or anything, I'm a cashier, not a doctor or EMT. Jesus. Even my brother's store closed today!


Feb. 29th, 2008 05:41 pm
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Enjoy! All are mp3s and light music.

New Romantic by Laura Marling

I know I said I loved you but I'm thinking I was wrong,
I'm the first to admit that I'm still pretty young,
and I never meant to hurt you when I wrote you ten love songs.

Ghosts by Laura Marling

Lover, please do not
Fall to your knees
It's not
Like I believe in
Everlasting love

Suzanne by Judy Collins

And just when you mean to tell her
That you have no love to give her,
She takes you in her arms
And she lets the river answer
That you've always been her lover.

Moon River by Audrey Hepburn

Moon River, wider than a mile,
I'm crossing you in style some day.
Oh, dream maker, you heart breaker,
wherever you're going I'm going your way.

Maiden in Her Father's Garden by Brady's Leap

It's seven years since I had a true love
Seven more since I did him see
And seven more I will wait upon him
But if he's alive, he'll come back to me
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This? Needs to be made into a fic.

Canadians = red shirts
Czechs = white shirts

Canadian Owen Nolan, the central figure in a wild melee at the world hockey championships, says he has nothing to apologize for. ... "As far as what I did, I'd probably do it again," Nolan said Thursday. "I've never seen stickwork like that in my life. I've never been speared so much in my whole career, let along one game."


In Finland's largest daily newspaper, the Helsinki Sanomat, columnist Juhani Syvainen wrote: "The Canadian professionals . . . should be ashamed of themselves. Owen Nolan was not the only anti-hero on the ice. Canadians attacked the Czechs in such an organized way that you might have suspected the coach gave the order to attack." Canadian coach Andy Murray denied the charge, alleging the Czechs are considered the dirtiest hockey team in Europe because of their stickwork.

C'mon, Rodney and Radek would so fight about this.


Also, three songs I posted to [ profile] audiography:

Dar Williams - I Had No Right
And all my country saw were priests who broke the law.
First it was question, then it was a mission,
How to be American, how to be a Christian,
If the law is their cross, and the cross is burning...

Les Miserables - Do You Hear the People Sing?
Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the songs of angry men?
It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again
When the beating of your heart, echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes

Assassins - Another National Anthem
There are those who love regetting,
There are those who like extremes,
There are those who thrive on chaos
And despair.
There are those who keep forgetting
How the country's built on dreams

Five For Fighting - America Town
Here in the borders of America Town
All of the dollies are spinning round and round
Hail to the chief
Let's just drag them all down
There's got to be a hero somewhere
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Er, yes, all of these are Disney songs in different languages - Czech, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, Italian, etc.

Bunch of Links Behind the Cut )
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Kate Rusby is probably one of my favorite singers in the known universe. So. Um. Sharing her. *grins* And one Fall Out Boy song because he's, um, singing about another guy's mouth tasting sweet. Yes.

Who Will Sing Me Lullabies?

I lay here; I'm weeping for the stars they have come,
I lay here not sleeping; now the long night has begun.
The man in the moon, oh he can't help but cry,
For there's no one to sing me lullabies,
Oh there's no one to sing me lullabies

Lyrics )

All God's Angels

Will you marry me sir
Oh tether me down
For I am too free
Will you walk hand in hand with me
For I do carry a child by thee

Lyrics )

Our Town

Up the street beside the red neon light
That's where I met my baby one hot summer night
He was the tender and I ordered a beer
It's been twenty years and I'm still sittin' here

Lyrics )

I Am Stretched On Your Grave

Do you remember the night
Oh, the night when we were lost
In the shade of the blackthorn
And the touch of the frost?

Lyrics )

Sailor Boy

Da da dum day, da da dum dee
Drift away sailor boys on the deep sea
Worry no more for you're safe now with me
Rest in my arms and my sweet melody

Lyrics )

Fall Out Boy - Thnks Fr Th Mmrs

One night and one more time
Thanks for the memories
Even though they weren't so great
"He tastes like you only sweeter"

Lyrics )


Mar. 19th, 2007 04:18 pm
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Songs! A few that remind me of SGA...of course. Though "Shenandoah" is just posted because it's pretty. ;) Same goes for "I Honestly Love You" because I kept talking about it to [ profile] blue_raven since it's a beautiful, tragic love song.

"At the Stars" reminds me of "The Return I" when everyone is struggling to adjust. "Achill Island" reminds me of the Pegasus Galaxy, folks remembering those taken by the Wraith, etc.

Future Pilot AKA - Shenandoah

Oh Shenandoah, I love your daughter
Away, you rollin' river
And for her I'd cross the water
Away, we're bound away
Across the wide Missouri

Lyrics )

Better Than Ezra - At the Stars

Here we are,
Foreign to their world,
Straight and composed.
Your sermons I can do without,
And I finally found
That everybody loves to love you
When you're far away

Lyrics )

Jarrod Emick - I Honestly Love You

I'm not trying to make you feel uncomfortable
I'm not trying to make you anything at all
But this feeling doesn't come along every day
And you shouldn't blow the chance
When you've got the chance to say
I love you
I honestly love you

Lyrics )

Brady's Leap - Achill Island

For their houses were there, tables and chairs,
Glasses and plates on the shelves
They lived in the stones that were scattered around
Before they were scattered themselves

Lyrics )
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This week's challenge was threesome songs. And I chose John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagan/Evan Lorne as my threesome, because they're in my head and won't get out. Why? I'd prefer Rodney/Radek/Sam or Rodney/Radek/anyone, but no, John/Teyla/Evan are in my head. *shrugs helplessly*

Mary MacGregor - Torn Between Two Lovers

This is a pre-relationship song for them, well for all three of them together. From what Teyla knows of Earth culture, a relationship between three people doesn't seem to be accepted, and yet she finds herself drawn to both men.

Loving you both is breakin' all the rules )

Bruce Cockburn - Lovers in a Dangerous Time

They're in the Pegasus Galaxy, facing the Wraith and other unfriendly natives. With that sort of situation, they decide to take what they can get, and screw what other people might think.

Sometimes you're made to feel as if your love's a crime, but nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight )

Chantal Kreviazuk - Feels Like Home to Me

A John song for me, where he's contemplating life on Atlantis, and how he never expected to find a home, and not one, but two people to love, and many others he cares about.

It feels like I'm all the way back where I belong )

Tina Arena - Love's Funny That Way

...Well, love does have a wicked sense of humor sometimes. If just in this situation seeing Rodney's reaction -- "Two? Two?! Of course, you're with both Teyla and the major-- huh. I wonder if Radek would be-- hm."


So when you don't understand, should just leave it in love's hands; just live, laugh, see love's funny that way )
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The two Regina Spektor songs. :)

Pavlov's Daughter
If I hear another song about angels
If I see another feather on the dumb-box
I'm gonna go to Babylon and get me some whiskey
Gonna go to Babylon and get me some whiskey now...

Lyrics )

He told me that he couldn't live without me
And I told him the same thing too
And though we knew it wasn't true
We both knew it wasn't a lie

Lyrics )
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Both mp3s.

Dar Williams - The Kid

I'm the kid who thought we'd someday be lovers
Always held out that time would tell
Time was talking, guess I just wasn't listening
No surprise if you know me well

Lyrics )

Dar Williams - Lord, I Have Made You a Place in My Heart

Oh Lord, I have made you a place in my heart
Among the rags and the bones and the dirt.
There's piles of lies, and the love gone from her eyes,
And old moving boxes full of hurt.
Pull up a chair by the trouble and care.
I got whiskey, you're welcome to some.
Oh Lord, I have made you a place in my heart,
But I don't reckon you're gonna come.

Lyrics )
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Okay, I've studied for what, four hours, and my eyes are tearing up, and my head feels like it's stuffed with cotton or something. Time to take a break, eh? ;)

Um, [ profile] duckduck, I am writing you a M/Z recs list...but it's kind of been expanding and, uh, turned into a giant list. *shifty eyes* So that will be in a separate post. Heh. But it will be well worth the wait, I promise!

As promised to [ profile] blue_raven...and probably other people, but my memory is shot, some really amazing songs by Sarah Slean and Ani DiFranco. And one by Emilie Autumn because I was rambling about it to [ profile] lilyayl yesterday...or another day. Was it yesterday? Damn, my brain is broken.

Sarah Slean - Duncan
Oh you fool you fool! Don't give in to fate; if this is all we’ve got to fight for, rage, my darling, rage! )

Sarah Slean - Eliot
You fill buildings with people and they rip at the seams, and somebody’s suffering infected my dreams )

Sarah Slean - Angel
I bought my angel on the Fourth of July; I didn't plan it, it just happened that way )

Sarah Slean - California
I went to California, I met a lovely man; he rubs a wedding finger without a wedding band )

Ani DiFranco - Both Hands
In each other's shadows we grew less and less tall and eventually our theories couldn't explain it all, and I'm recording our history now on the bedroom wall )

Ani DiFranco - As Is
You can't hide behind social graces, so don't try to be all touchy feely )

Ani DiFranco - Outta Me, Onto You
It's gonna be sudden; it's gonna be strange; I'm gonna turn on a dime, give you five cents change )

Ani DiFranco - She Says
And like an idea she came to me, but she came too late or maybe too soon )

Ani DiFranco - I'm No Heroine
You think I am stronger; you think I walk taller than the rest; you think I'm usually wearing the pants just 'cause I rarely wear a dress )

Emilie Autumn - By the Sword
Yet through the world alone I wander for I know somewhere I will find my brothers by the sword, I swear )
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So I'm going to have to pimp this: Giant Fandom Fanmix

The basic idea of this whole project is to comment with a fandom and/or fandoms you love and the songs that you associate with those fandoms. There is no limit to how many you can enter, and there's no rule that says you need to upload said songs. (it would be GREAT if you did, but I'm not going to force it).

Go check it out, download songs, check out the fandoms if you want, and maybe post a few songs of your own. :)

Here are the songs I'm giving them:


Zed - Renegade Fighter (John)

Wolf Parade - You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son (Ronon)

Dar Williams - By Way of Sorrow (Ronon)

Elisa - Fever (Radek to Rodney)

Five O'Clock Shadow - I'm Right (Rodney)

KT Tunstall - Suddenly I See (Teyla)


The Eurythmics - I Saved the World Today (Peter)

Megadeth - Blood of Heroes (General)

The Weakerthans - Aside (Claude)

Jake 2.0

Semisonic - Secret Smile (Jake/Diane)

Feel free to help yourselves. :)
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This week's topic was John Sheppard, so here we go! Help yourselves. All are mp3s. (And Lily, good luck this weekend, though I'm sure you'll do awesome!)

The La's - Son of a Gun

Don't ask me why I see this as a Sheppard song. It's sort of countryish alternative pop, I suppose, and the frustration the "son of a gun" feels reminds me of Sheppard. Or something.
He was burned by the twentieth century; now he's doing time in the back of his mind )

Muse - Invincible

One thing that Sheppard has found in the Pegasus Galaxy is people who believe in him, who look past his black mark to see the man who's willing to put his life on the line for his people. Atlantis is his home, and together, with Elizabeth, Rodney, Carson, Teyla, Ronon, Radek, they do seem almost invincible.
You will be alright 'cause there's no one like you in the universe )

Richard Shindell - Darkness, Darkness

This is an early S1 song for Sheppard, where he's still adjusting to being the head military officer of Atlantis, struggling to come to terms with how exactly he gained that position, and how his actions have impacted life in the Pegasus Galaxy.
Darkness, darkness, hide my yearning for the things I cannot see, keep my mind from constant turning to the things I cannot be )

Ryan Adams - Hallelujah

This is the darker side of Sheppard. While he has people who care about him, whom he himself cares about, he never seems to quite bridge the gap and be able to voice that emotional attachment. He's a man who shows he cares by actions, not words.
If I could have a simple love, how would it feel and what would it mean? I'd only trade you away for Mary Magdalene )

Zed - Renegade Fighter

Okay, this is pretty light-hearted look at Sheppard. And, well, it sort of works. *grins*
I'm a lover, I'm a winner, I'm a fighter, gonna set your soul on fire; I'm a lover, I'm a Renegade Fighter, gonna set your soul on fire )

Heroes Personality Quiz )
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This week our topic was Ronon Dex, so here we go. :) They're all mp3s, and anyone can feel free to download!

Wolf Parade - You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son
This song I used for my Ronon Dex/Rodney McKay fic by the same name for the [ profile] sga_santa this year, and well, just look at the title. Need I say more?
You are a runner with a stolen voice, and you are a runner and I am my father's son )

Lea Salonga - The Journey
This is a song that epitomizes Ronon's determination. He's constantly moving, constantly *living* -- and despite everything he's been through, his life, his story isn't even close to being finished.
What a journey it has been and the end is not in sight, but the stars are out tonight and they're bound to guide my way )

Alexi Murdoch - Dream About Flying
This is a pre-"Runner" Ronon song for me, in his early months or years as a Runner.
Five years old I climbed up on a wall, Mother warned me but I took no heed, and like all creatures great and small, I took a fall and learned that I could bleed )

Breaking Benjamin - Unknown Soldier
Another one of Ronon as a Runner, doing what he has to survive.
Count me in, violent, let's begin, feeding the sickness; how do I simplify, dislocate - the enemy's on the way )

Dar Williams - By Way of Sorrow
And to end on a happier note, this is Ronon when he first comes to Atlantis, when Sheppard and Teyla try to make him feel welcome, and he gradually begins to see the promise of home that Atlantis holds for him.
You've been taken by the wind, you have known the kiss of sorrow, doors that would not take you in - outcast and a stranger )


Okay, one more song, because, um, [ profile] blue_raven and I had WAY too much fun with this song and Rodney being at a dance school but who isn't gay, damnit, no matter what Cadman says, and, yes, well, enjoy the song. It's a lot of fun.

Jackpot - Psycho Ballerina
I can't be your Superman 'cause no one's really that super, but I'll steal the neighbor's cat with you; believe me when I say I'd love to run faster than a train someday and say all the right things to sweep you off your feet )


And now for fanfic recs!

...Okay, I am title whore. I know this. And [ profile] minervacat? I admit to a bit of worship when it comes to her titles. What's even better? The actual stories are wonderful too!

The Towers On The Heights Reach To Heav'n's Own Blue by [ profile] minervacat

(Gen, SGA/SG-1, R) This is all about sports. ...Seriously. But that shouldn't deter you. It didn't deter me and the only sport I know anything about is soccer. The summary reads: "In which John Sheppard hates cricket and accidentally starts an intramural soccer league, and Cameron Mitchell thinks McKay's sister sucks." A lengthy story (it's a little over 9,000 words), it's humorous, witty, and has wonderful characterizations of the SGA cast, as [ profile] minervacat's always do.

The senior staff each got their own compressed file from the SGC's bi-weekly databursts; Elizabeth's was mostly personnel reports, expense accounts, administrata -- Rodney's files were from Sam Carter and Dr. Lee and Jeannie, half personal emails (Jeannie) and half project reports on various pieces of Ancient tech (Carter and Dr. Lee). Everyone had personal emails in the databurst, except for John, because there wasn't anyone on Earth who John wanted to hear from. Or who, if John had heard from, John would write back to.

John got weapons specs to check out, and the occasional mission report from General Landry, if the General thought the battle information was important. One of the Marines -- one of the only Marines who'd liked him while he was commanding SG-9 -- occasionally sent him sports scores, but that was it. No personal email, filtering down from the databurst files and popping into his inbox, days after they'd been sent.

It was kind of a relief, actually. John didn't mind at all. (Rodney hated the way the databurst handled emails sent from outside the Atlantis network; he filtered everything that came from the SGC into a folder and sometimes didn't look at them until weeks later. "They waited a week," he said to Elizabeth when she complained about Rodney's email habits. "They can wait another week.")

we were never good soldiers (or very good fighters) by [ profile] minervacat

(Ronon/Teyla, R) Spoilers up to "The Return I." Baby!fic! A lovely, slightly melancholy but beautifully hopeful look at how life goes on, how it MUST go on, in the Pegasus Galaxy.

Teyla crossed her arms across her chest, and every man in the gate room backed up; even the Marines were a little intimidated by her on a good day, and since she had demonstrated that she could still beat them at even their own games, even when she was eight months pregnant, intimidation had slid a little toward fear and a lot toward respect. No one was going to step between John and Teyla, not even if she couldn't fasten her vest shut anymore, not even if she had to rest her arms on her stomach when she crossed them.

"If anything happens to you or the baby," John tried again, "Ronon would eat me for lunch."

Teyla raised an eyebrow.

"Ronon, make her go back to her quarters and see that she stays there," John said, in his best I'm-the-military-commander-of-Atlantis voice, the one that no one actually listened to unless death was on the line.

Ronon, who handled the idea of becoming a father with a great deal of grace and Zen calm, stared at his wife, who had shifted her level stare from John to him. Ronon stared at his Teyla, stared at her round, full belly, and said, "But how am I supposed to pick her up?"

Teyla glared harder. John hid behind Rodney.

Belling the Cat by [ profile] mklutz

(Gen, SGA, MENSA-verse, G) Contains minor spoilers for “Sunday” about Lorne, but nothing plot-related. But this cute piece, where Ancient technology strikes again, and you get to see Rod, Lorne, and Zelenka as cats and hilarity ensues, was inspired by the MENSA Remix Challenge over at [ profile] mensa_au, which y'all should check out. This piece is short, adorable, and just made me smile the entire time. And I loved dork!Sheppard. A lot.

"You're taking this pretty personally, Dr. McKay," Sheppard sighs after the meeting ends. He's sitting ramrod straight in his usual seat and blinking behind his glasses. "This is an excellent research opportunity and you should appreciate the sheer multitude of possible applications."

There are so many ways Rod could reply to that, but all he manages is a growl-hiss that’s really less masculine than he would like.

"Besides," Sheppard continues, oblivious, "if you would come to our Mensa meeting this week you could be the first cat to win a game of
Power Barons. In space!" Sheppard likes adding "In space!" to the end of things, possibly to remind himself that he is actually living in an Ancient Alien city in another galaxy.
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This week's challenge was songs about Kate Heightmeyer/Teyla Emmagan, and so here we go. All are mp3s, and anyone can snag them. :) Enjoy!

Bright Eyes - First Day Of My Life
This is one of my favorite songs, a song about the way love can provide a rebirth of sorts, how you feel like an entirely new person when you fall in love with someone, and I can see Teyla and Kate feeling that way.
This is the first day of my life, swear I was born right in the doorway )

Christian Kane - What My Heart Says
A song about forbidden love -- because there are so many ways people would disapprove of their relationship. The fact that it's a homosexual relationship, the fact that Kate is the only psychiatrist/psychologist (I get those two confused, grr). And how people disapprove, but they can't stop love.
So let them say it's wrong for me to love you; they could never feel the way that I do when we kiss )

Crowded House - When You Come
This is a Kate/Teyla song from Kate's POV to me. Teyla is unexpected, new, wonderful, strange, and no one is quite like her. How can Kate not help but be drawn to her?
Underneath the heavens with the stars burning and exploding, I know I could never let you down )

Joni Mitchell - All I Want
Okay, I love this song. I don't know why, because I normally don't like Joni Mitchell, but the melody and the melancholy tone to the song just works beautifully. This is another Kate's POV song, set during "The Return I," where Kate and Teyla had an argument about Teyla staying in Pegasus, and now Kate is regretting that their last few moments were tense.
I am on a lonely road and I am traveling, looking for the key to set me free )

Kylie Minogue - Confide In Me
...All of my songs seem to be from Kate's POV. Why is that? Anyway, this is Kate struggling to make sure that when she's with Teyla, she's herself, not as a psychiatrist, that when she's listening to Teyla, she's listening as a friend and a lover, not clinically.
I can keep a secret and throw away the key )

Also, here are some excellent SGA fics I've read recently.

Persistent Ache by [ profile] skandrae

(Radek/Elizabeth, G) This is a short, sweet piece about Radek and Elizabeth. I love the way their relationship is shown in this, and how lovely the quiet moments on Atlantis can be.

Sometimes, she is amazed at the twists her life has taken. Just two years ago, she had not known this man, not known about the Stargate program, never imagined Atlantis. And now, she can't imagine her life without any of them. Once, she had though the outward projection of strength was the same thing as being strong; now she marvels that she discovers strength in allowing weakness to show.

Colony Atlantis by Icarus.

(Jack/Daniel, R) Okay, yes, this is an SGA/SG-1 cross-over, but even though the pairing is J/D, Icarus doesn't focus on them, and provides beautiful characterizations for the Lanteans as well. Set directly after Atlantis is declared a colony of Earth, it's a very interesting story.

Elizabeth stared down at the sheaf of papers in front of her. She understood now how the framers of the Constitution must have felt, that pull towards social engineering, hoping to create a utopia through her words alone. She knew it was impossible, that in reality she was only creating her own idea of utopia. But it was the only frame of reference she had. With one stroke of the pen she hoped to do away with many injustices she'd seen on Earth and on other worlds.

Elizabeth smiled. She also had to think of the present, and build in reasons for people from the SGC to want to come here and live, rather than just do research and return.

Luckily, sometimes those two aims intersected. Alongside provisions that would make a scientist weep with joy, she happily obliterated the legal basis in Atlantis for Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

Making Love Out of Nothing At All by [ profile] eleveninches

(Lorne/Zelenka, McKay/Sheppard UST, PG) Vague spoilers for "Echoes" and "Sunday." Do you love misunderstanding fics? Well then, you'll love this short, quirky fic, where Zelenka is vaguely horrified by his mistaken belief that Sheppard is in love with him.

"Rodney," Radek called reluctantly.

Rodney sighed. "Yes? What is it?"

"Say, hypothetically, you have a friend who has feelings for someone. But that someone has feelings for you instead. What is the best way to ensure your friend does not get hurt?"

From the other side of the wall there came a loud crash. Radek glanced around his bench quickly for something he could use to defend himself, in case Rodney lept at him like a crazy baboon. There was a set of pliars he'd been using the other day to repair one of the tables; it would have to do. He once had to brain three of his trained pidgeons after they'd attacked him, mad with some sort of bird fever. He had loved those birds, and he'd killed them. He only marginally liked Rodney.

There's So Much to See Through, They Say by [ profile] x_sleeptodream

(Rodney/Teyla, G) [ profile] x_sleeptodream has a beautiful Teyla voice, and this quiet, understated story is lovely, with the wonderful way Teyla and Rodney seem to fit, the way it makes me really, truly believe that the pairing would work, along with excellent characterizations of Sheppard and Ronon as well.

He flashes a disgruntled glare at her the first time she knocks the rods out of his hands, but goes to pick them up and gets back into position.

She does not go easy on him, but he does not give up. Her people have no myths about men like Rodney McKay: men who throw themselves at a problem with everything they have, over and over, loudly and with no subtlety.


Jan. 30th, 2007 08:43 pm
cinaed: I improve on misquotation (I'm Just Dreaming About You (Rodney/Rade)
So, [ profile] atlantis_vids is doing an awesome challenge.

Vidders, lurkers, passing ships in the night, anyone who likes can reply to this post and suggest a song they would like to see made into a vid.

If you're interested, check the challenge out here. They'll accept songs until February 9th, and vidders have until March 11th. :)

*cough* And I, uh, got a little over-enthusiastic, probably, but if anyone wants to steal some of the music I put up for the challenge, just click here.

The songs are:

Falling Like a Star - Cara Dillon
Other Side of the World - KT Tunstall
The Sound of White - Missy Higgins
Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas
Suddenly I See - KT Tunstall
Song Beneath the Song - Maria Taylor
My Poor Friend Me - Bad Religion
The Tower – Vienna Teng
Fever - Elisa
cinaed: I improve on misquotation (Glasses (Radek Zelenka))
This week our little topic thing was songs that reminded us of certain SGA episodes. ...This was harder than I thought it would be. *shifty eyes* Nevertheless, here they are.

Oh yeah, [ profile] lilyayl, I forgot if we were going to guess the episodes or not. If we're not, just let me know and I'll edit this to explain my reasoning behind each other. *grins*

Falling Like a Star - Cara Dillon (mp3)
This song is just beautiful and haunting. I can't help but listen to it, again and again, and I think it really works for the episode.
And they said that you couldn't sit on a cloud, cause you'd fall right through )

False Alarm - KT Tunstall (wma)
...Okay, yeah, I love KT Tunstall. *shifty eyes* This one might only fit the episode in my head though.
But maybe it's a false alarm and all the answers sound the same )

Tell My Father - John Barrowman (wma version)
Tell My Father - John Barrowman (mp3 version)
John Barrowman is an amazing singer, and this song gets me a bit emotional every time I hear it.
Tell my father when you can, I was a man )

Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas (mp3)
Again, this one might only work in my head, but I, uh, really love the tempo and singer in this.
On a stormy sea of moving emotion, tossed about I'm like a ship on the ocean )

Bad Religion - My Poor Friend Me (wma)
*grins* This is probably one of my favorite songs. It's This one is probably one of the easier to guess ones.
I know a man who doesn't have many friends, I know a place he lives where trouble never ends )
cinaed: I improve on misquotation (Scruffy Hero (Radek Zelenka))
The topic this week was songs we could picture being played in the background of a liason on Atlantis. *grins* Here's my five, which aren't nearly as interesting as yours, [ profile] lilyayl. (I have surprisingly few sexual songs on my computer. *eyes it*)

All songs are mp3 unless otherwise noted. :)

The All-American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret
This is the song for secret love affairs, and with the rules about fraternizing being as they are in the military and chain-of-command and whatnot, I figure this song would work for a lot of secret relationship

Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret )

Ben Harper - Sexual Healing
This is, um, a very sexual song. *grin* Not sure what else I can say about it.

Just grab a hold and take control of my body and mind soon we'll be making love )

Ben Folds - I Touch Myself
This isn't my favorite version of the song, which is too bad because I adore Ben Folds, but it's the only one I had, and I think this is a very playful song.

When you're around I'm always laughing, I want to make you mine )

Bruce Springsteen - Let's Be Friends (Skin to Skin)
One-night stand, anyone? *grin* With the way life is in the Pegasus Galaxy, I can see a lot of people rationalizing one-night stands like this.

Time is now maybe we could get skin to skin )

Garth Brooks - The Red Strokes (wmv)
If I had a Top 10 Songs, I would probably include this one. It's sweet and sensual, and it has some of my favorite lyrics ever, elegant and lovely and poetic.

Oh, the blues will be blue and the jealousies green but when love picks its shade it demands to be seen )


Jan. 13th, 2007 05:59 pm
cinaed: I improve on misquotation (I Like You Anyway (Rodney/Radek))
I told [ profile] blue_raven and [ profile] lilyayl I would share, so here goes. ;) Help yourselves.

You Are a Runner and I Am My Father's Son - Wolf Parade (mp3)
Watching you run
Farther than guns will go
You are a runner
With a stolen voice
And you are a runner
And I am my father's son
I am my father's son

(Inspired my Ronon/Rodney sga_santa entry. This is the only song I've ever heard by Wolf Parade, but it's lovely, with an interesting beat and a distinctive voice for the main singer.)

Old Number Seven - The Devil Makes Three (mp3)
I guess I grew up on an old dirt road
Pedal to the metal always did what I was told
Till I found out that my brand new clothes
Came second-hand from the rich kids next door
When I grew up fast I guess I grew up mean
There's a thousand things inside my head I wish I ain't seen
And now I just wandered through a real bad dream
Feelin' like I'm coming apart at the seams

(I just love his husky voice and when he almost wails, it's wonderful.)

Love Song - Five For Fighting (wmv)
Put away your tears and your sleepy eyes
Put away that bullshit,
Big boys they don’t cry to their mamas
…She’ll be back soon
Put away your raincoat and make your bed
Take another bullet right to your head
We’re going on a picnic and we’ll get there soon

(This is one of my favorite Five for Fighting songs -- and rings true to me, as my parents are still going through their divorce because my father is a dumbfuck who can't turn the papers into the court at the proper time.)

When the Roses Bloom Again - Laura Cantrell (mp3)
When the roses bloom again
Beside the river
And the mockingbird has sung his sweet refrain
In the days of auld lang syne
I'll be with you sweetheart mine
I'll be with you when the roses bloom again

(A traditional song about war. I've never heard of Laura Cantrell but she has a simple, elegant voice that is beautiful and makes this melancholy song perfect.)


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