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 So hey, much like last year, I don’t remember much of 2015, but I did write a few fics! 


  • 129,000 words 
  • 22 completed fics 
  • 1 ficlet 
  • 2 WIPs   
  • Fandoms: Les Misérables, Rómeó és Júlia, The Legend of Korra/Les Misérables, The Silmarillion, Dragon Ball, Thor, One Piece, Galavant, South Park, and The Squire’s Tales.

Finished fanfics 

As Iron Sharpens Iron - The Legend of Korra/ Les Misérables - When Jia Wei gets captured by a triad, it’s up to Chief Bei Fong to come to his rescue. Javert/Lin Bei Fong, 2,300 words, rated T.

All the Effects of Intoxication - Les Misérables - Instead of committing suicide, Javert goes on a three-day bender. When Valjean finds him, Javert assumes he’s a hallucination. Things proceed awkwardly from there. Valjean/Javert, 26,000 words (Total 66.2k), rated M.

A Welcome Distraction - Dragon Ball - Bulma helps Vegeta exercise. Well, for a certain value of “help.” Bulma/Vegeta, 1,500 words, rated T.

Song in a Strange Land - The Silmarillion - The story of how Balan became Bëor, and a few moments in that first year after Finrod came upon a company of Men at their campfire. Finrod/Bëor, 3,300 words, rated T.

Mersday’s Child Has Far to Go - The Silmarillion - When Túrin and Beleg discover a baby among the remnants of a caravan, things change, mostly for the better. Túrin/Beleg, 5,000 words, rated T.

Two Men and a Goat - Galavant - Richard enlists Gareth’s help in presenting Madalena with Jenny the Second. It doesn’t go as planned. Gareth/Richard, 4,000 words, rated M.

A Constellation Anyone Could Read - The Silmarillion - One winter’s night in Doriath, a celebration and a starlit sky reveal a few truths. Túrin/Beleg, 1,700 words, rated T.

Through Those Old Grounds of Memory - The Silmarillion - When Brandir suggests celebrating the anniversary of Níniel’s first year in Brethil, there are unexpected consequences. Finduilas/Niënor, 2,800 words, rated T.

Let Us Wander Where We Will - The Silmarillion - When Aredhel turns away from Nan Elmoth, she meets Haleth and learns for herself the curious customs of the Edain. Aredhel/Haleth, 2,400 words, rated G.

In Music the Passions Enjoy Themselves - The Silmarillion - When Admiral Bëor lets Estolad, Lord Finrod finds himself very interested in his new neighbour. Finrod/Bëor, 2,000 words, Regency AU, rated E.

Where Does the River Flow If Not to You? - The Silmarillion - Húrin’s willingness to risk all for King Fingon has unexpected consequences when a battle against an orc-band goes awry. Fingon/Húrin, 4,200 words, rated M.

Entertain Ideas Royally - The Silmarillion - One summer afternoon, Finrod proposes a game of pretend. Finrod/Bëor, 2,900 words, rated E.

Desire For a Good Tale - The Silmarillion - While Túrin is away on sentry-duty, Beleg finds himself drawn into a conversation about ghosts and monsters by Andróg and the other Gaurwaith. Túrin/Beleg, 3,000 words, rated M.

The Days When the Ships Came Slowly In - Thor/MCU - It was shame that drove Thor from The Dolphin and onto the streets of Southampton. Thor/Jane, 2,000 words, Age of Sail AU, rated G.

A Song to Cheer You - Rómeó és Júlia - For her twelfth birthday, Júlia received two gifts from her mother: a songbird and a dagger.   Júlia gen, 1,700 words, rated G.

Where the Passion Flower Grows - The Silmarillion - The people of Haleth are used to the dangers of Brethil. When Turambar stumbles upon a plant called love’s fever, Brandir must prove to him that it’s a poison with a pleasant cure. Brandir/Túrin, 4,600 words, rated E.

The Michael Problem - South Park - A few weeks after the events of “Tweek x Craig,” Craig’s friend Michael comes to visit and things get a little complicated. Tweek/Craig, 7,000 words, rated T.

Fair Words and Fine Melodies - The Squire’s Tales - Dinadan was grateful suddenly, so grateful that he almost couldn’t breathe, that his last sight of Palomides wouldn’t be that final startled look from the tower, Palomides’s surprise just beginning to turn to alarm as Dinadan fell. Dinadan/Palomides, 3,300 words, rated T.

“Close in Friendship”: Homosocial Relationships in the First Age - The Silmarillion - The collection gathers diaries, essays, and letters that span over a four thousand year period, beginning with Faramir of Ithilien’s private musings on the relationship between Maedhros and Fingon, and ending with a modern essay concerning a cache of letters recently discovered in the Gondorian Archives that sheds further light on several homosocial relationships, particularly amongst the Haladin. Finrod/Barahir, Fingon/Maedhros, Haleth/OFC, 1,500 words, rated G.

Túrin Turambar, Movie Star Series: 

  • Every secret of a writer’s soul The Silmarillion - The first time Beren meets Lúthien is one of the worst days of his life. Beren/Lúthien, 3,200 words, rated G.
  • Life’s like a play - The Silmarillion - Dear readers of Saeros Saeys, you will be delighted to learn that Túrin Turambar has decided to become an actor. I’m placing bets now on what kind of disaster this turns out to be. Beleg & Túrin, 2,900 words, rated T.
  • And the award goes to… - The Silmarillion - In a world where Túrin is an actor and Beleg is his stuntman-turned-agent after an unfortunate accident on set, Túrin’s co-star Nellas is asked to ensure he doesn’t cause any controversy during an awards show. She doesn’t succeed. Túrin/Beleg, 1,900 words, rated T.



An Honest Hand and a True Heart - The Silmarillion - Beleg had come often to Menegroth. Now Túrin came to the marches. Túrin/Beleg pre-slash, 530 words, rated G.


You Were the Storm That Changed the Skyline - One Piece - “Let’s meet again, out on Grand Line,” Gin had told an unconscious Straw Hat Luffy, and meant it. Three years later in the New World, he was finally going to keep that promise. Sanji/Gin, Nami/OFC, 35,000 words, rated E.

The Sea You Once Lived Beside and Thought Was Yours - One Piece - For a long time there is only the sea.(Or the one where Gin and Sanji are selkies, and yet most of canon still happens anyway.  Sanji/Gin, 3,800 words, rated T.

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So hey, I don't remember much of 2014, but apparently I wrote, uh, a lot! 

Finished fanfics 

talk not to me of blasphemy - Rómeó és Júlia - Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio don nun's habits to sneak into a convent so Romeo can woo a girl. Benvolio/Mercutio, 2.0k, rated E. 

God Grant Me a Good Sword - Les Misérables - The story of how Feuilly came to own the sword he was brandishing that day. Feuilly gen, 900 words, rated G. 

The Hurricane Passions of Opera - Les Misérables - Cosette and Éponine, on Euryanthe's opening night. An opera AU. Cosette/Eponine, 1.2k, rated T. 

There's a Book of Jubilation - Anne of Green Gables/Les Misérables - One afternoon, Matthew announces that a strange new family has bought the Pritchett farm. Or the one where Valjean, Fantine, Cosette, and Fauchelevent move to Canada. Gen, 2.3k (6.9k total), rated G. 

Jean Valjean: Ace Attorney - Les Misérables - When Marius Pontmercy is accused of attempted murder, it's up to Jean Valjean to prove the young man's innocence. To do so, however, he will have to confront his past as well as the man prosecuting the case, Javert. Ace Attorney AU. Valjean/Javert UST, 31.2k, rated T. 

A Cat May Go to a Monastery Les Misérables - Fauchelevent is suspicious of a newcomer to the convent. Cosette is not. Convent husbands gen, 630 words, rated G. 

Another Country (What Sustains Us Remix) Avengers/Captain America He feels like an impostor a little more each time Steve calls him Bucky, because he doesn’t have a right to that name, not really. Bucky’s the name of a man who died seventy years ago, a stupid kid from Brooklyn who followed not Captain America but Steve Rogers into hell and never came out again. Bucky/Natasha, 3.3k, rated T. 

my heart lies buried like something dead Les Misérables - That night on the parapet, Valjean forces Javert to live. Some time later, Javert finds himself returning the favor. Valjean/Javert, Cosette/Marius, 49.3k (99.6k total), rated T.

When We Touch We Enter Touch Entirely Highlander - After Amy leaves, the events of the day catch up with Joe. Methos offers to help. Joe/Methos, 3.9k, rated E. 

Children Weigh Hard on My Heart Les Misérables - It is ridiculous that Javert should feel jealous of a child, and yet he is. It does not help that little Jeanne seems to hold him in disdain. Javert and Valjean friendship, 1.8k, rated G. 

All Things Strange and Wondrous Les Misérables - Over the years, Madeleine has become not only the mayor but also a self-styled librarian. Then one evening Javert comes to him for assistance in locating a particular book. Face squirrels AU, 2k, rated G. 

Madeline and the Ghost in the Garden Les Misérables/Madeline - One holiday, Madeline takes Pepito home to visit the family ghost. Crossover, Madeline and Valjean gen, 1.5k, rated G. 

A Few Lines Farther On - Les Misérables - When Cosette attends Otakon 2014 and Valjean reluctantly accompanies her, the long pre-registration line Thursday night brings about an unexpected encounter. Modern AU, Cosette/Marius UST, 900 words, rated G. 

Georges and the Dragon - Les Misérables/Temeraire - Any one who had, at the same time, read military memoirs, biographies, the Moniteur, and the bulletins of the Armée de l'Air, would have been struck by a name which occurs there with tolerable frequency, the name of Georges Pontmercy. When very young, this Georges Pontmercy had become, unexpectedly, the captain of a Grand Chevalier. Georges gen, 2k, rated G. 

Science is Like a Love Affair The Awesomes - Prock learns something new about his father and Dr. Malocchio. Apparently they had a thing. Prock/Hotwire, Malocchio/Mr. Awesome, 2.5k, rated T.

No Sincerer Love Ace Attorney After the trial, Gumshoe realizes that his car is totaled and he has no way to get home. Powers offers to let him share his hotel room. Things don't exactly go as planned, but Gumshoe's not complaining. Gumshoe/Powers, 5.4k, rated E. 

Your eyes are blue like the morning of going Yowamushi Pedal Yuusuke is half-dozing over his homework when his phone vibrates. He ignores it. Toudou/Makishima, 1.4k, rated G. 

you’re made of memories you bury or live by Les Misérables Dallas Against her will, Eponine survives the barricade. Things get more complicated from there. Eponine/Valjean UST, Marius/Cosette, 12.6k, rated T. 

A Love Song Stuck in My Throat Book of Life The celebration seemed like it would go on forever, but of course it couldn't. Or, what happened next to Maria, Manolo, and Joaquin. Maria/Manolo/Joaquin, 22k, rated T. 


Madeline and Valjean's first meeting Les Misérables/Madeline - A snippet in which Marley recovers from his illness, and another where Marley and Scrooge meet again in the afterlife. Madeline and Valjean gen, 740 words, rated G. 

Two things that never happened to Jacob Marley A Christmas Carol - A snippet in which Marley recovers from his illness, and another where Marley and Scrooge meet again in the afterlife. Marley and Scrooge gen, 1.3k, rated G. 

Three girls Cosette never fell in love with Les Misérables/Anne of Green Gables - Three snippets in which Cosette falls in love. Cosette/convent girl, Cosette/Anne Shirley, and Cosette/Eponine, 1.8k, rated G. 

Three things that never happened to Montparnasse  - Les Misérables - Snippets of three things that never happened to Montparnasse. Montparnasse, Azelma, and Valjean gen, 900 words, rated G. 

Five Elementary Crossover/AU snippets Elementary - Snippets of Elementary/Brooklyn Nine Nine, Elementary/Iron Man, Elementary/Hanna crossovers, and an urban fantasy AU. Ensemble gen, 1.3k, rated G. 

Five Les Misérables Crossover/AU snippets  - Les Misérables - Snippets of Les Misérables/Madeline, Les Misérables/Supernatural, Les Misérables/Highlander, Les Miserables/Ace Attorney crossovers, and a fairy tale AU. Gen, 1.3k, rated G. 


The Shadow of Our Burden Behind Us Les Misérables When Fantine is introduced to another patient, a Monsieur Pontmercy, at the Hôpital de l'Hotel-Dieu, she does not know quite what to make of him. The feeling is mutual. Georges/Fantine, 6k, rated E (eventually)


  • 160,000 words

  • 19 completed fics

  • 6 ficlets

  • 2 WIPs ("All the Effects of Intoxication has been worked on, just not posted) 

  • Fandoms: Les Misérables, Les Misérables Dallas, Ace Attorney, Highlander, Avengers/Captain America, Rómeó és Júlia, Les Misérables/Madeline, Les Misérables/Anne of Green Gables, Les Misérables/Temeraire, The Awesomes, Yowamushi Pedal, Book of Life, A Christmas Carol, and Elementary
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Otherwise known as holy crap, I wrote a lot of words despite being depressed, finishing grad school, and starting a job in my actual field.

Finished fanfics

Where the Sea is Sharpest - Stargate: Atlantis Sometimes the sea haunts you. Sometimes it distances you from those you love. But always the sea remains. Gen, Ronon and Teyla, 2k, rated G

Either a God or a Wolf - Les Misérables - Alone in bed, Montparnasse ponders the question of the queer old man and indulges in a little fantasy involving the stranger's strength and how that vigor might be put to better use. Valjean/Montparnasse, 1.3k, rated E

Happiness, For You We Walk on a Knife Edge - Les Misérables - When Cosette came to the Rue de l'Homme Arme to make amends with her father, she was not expecting to find a strange young man in her father's quarters. Valjean/Montparnasse, Cosette and Valjean, 2.3k, rated G

Lay Down Letters - Les Misérables - After the fall of the barricades, Enjolras' mother finds a series of letters her late son wrote to a mysterious R. Epistolary gen, Enjolras/Grantaire, 1.3k, rated G

Lift It to Your Lips Like a Broth of Stars - Pacific Rim - It turned out that when you saved the world, you tended to become an international celebrity. It probably had its upsides, Raleigh supposed, but mostly he would have preferred privacy. Mako/Raleigh, 1.9k, rated T

And Frosts are Slain and Flowers Begotten - Les Misérables - One bleak winter's night at the convent M. Madeleine invites Fauchelevent to share his bed to stave off the cold. The night does not progress as he might have thought. Valjean/Fauchelevent, 5.5k, rated E

Tradition Sanctified - Les Misérables - There was a certain tradition among the Parisian police to welcome newcomers to the force, one that was not spoken of in polite company. Aka the sex initiation fic. Javert/Chabouillet, 7.1k, rated E

The Summer Has His Joys, And Winter His Delights - Les Misérables - The autumn after Cosette gets married, Valjean decides to close up the house in Paris and move into a little cottage he's rented in the countryside up north. At Cosette's insistence, Valjean invites Javert along, and to their mutual surprise, Javert agrees. Valjean/Javert, 5.5k, rated E

A Farewell at Elba - Les Misérables/Historical RPF/Aubrey-Maturin crossover - 50-Year-Old Mystery Over the Identity of the Soldier in "A Farewell at Elba" Solved: A recently uncovered letter by British captain John Aubrey solves one part of the Gros mystery that has puzzled art historians for over half a century. Epistolary gen, 1.3k, rated G

In the House of Avarice - A Christmas Carol - Greed may have been what forced Marley to walk the earth for all eternity, but he felt more bound in life to never be able to love whom he wished. Dick Wilkins/Jacob Marley, 5.8k, rated T

Undercover Work - Brooklyn Nine-Nine - When Diaz and Santiago go undercover at a gay club for a case, things don’t go as planned. Still, it all works out okay. Diaz/Santiago, 3.2k, rated G

what lies lurk in kisses - Rómeó és Júlia - A young Tybalt and Mercutio have an unexpected encounter at a brothel. Tybalt/Mercutio, 3.9k, rated T

A Sweet Responsibility - Ace Attorney - Tyrell picks up the pieces as best he can. Gen, Badd/Faraday, 2.3k, rated G

Do Androids Dream of Dick? - Almost Human - Kennex would like to state for the record, even in the privacy of his own mind, that before Dorian became his partner, fucking synthetics was not on his list of sexual fantasies. John Kennex/Dorian, 3.8k, rated E


Parks and Revolution - Les Misérables/Parks and Recreation fusion - Welcome to Parks and Miserables, where Valjean is Ron Swanson and Javert is Tammy 1. Valjean/Javert, 400 words, rated G

The Crouched, Parched Heart Like a Tiger Ready to Kill - Les Misérables/Casablanca fusion - A Casablanca AU. Valjean/Javert, 850 words, rated G

Dreams Come Through Stone Walls - Eagle of the Ninth - They all have nightmares, for wounds of the soul are slow to heal despite the balm of a contented, peaceful life. 450 words, Marcus/Cottia/Esca, rated G

Story Fragments - Les Misérables - A collection of ficlets. "Parenting Advice" is the one where Javert accidentally adopts Gavroche post-barricade and is forced to ask Valjean for parenting advice. "Reading Maketh a Full Man" is the one where Javert and Valjean interact in Toulon during one of Valjean's reading lessons. Valjean/Javert, 1.5k, rated G

Untitled Les Misérables/Witch Week fusion - Les Misérables - While trying to research spells that will help them for the uprising, Feuilly and Combeferre discover an odd spell in the back of a book. Gen, 300 words, rated G


my heart lies buried like something dead - Les Misérables - That night on the parapet, Valjean forces Javert to live. Some time later, Javert finds himself returning the favor. Valjean/Javert, Cosette/Marius, 50.3k, rated T

All the Effects of Intoxication - Les Misérables - Instead of committing suicide, Javert goes on a three-day bender. When Valjean finds him, Javert assumes he's a hallucination. Things proceed awkwardly from there. Valjean/Javert, 40.3k, rated M

There's a Book of Jubilation - Les Misérables/Anne of Green Gables crossover One afternoon, Matthew announces that a strange new family has bought the Pritchett farm. Or the one where Valjean, Fantine, Cosette, and Fauchelevent move to Canada. Gen, 4.6k, rated G.

A Greater Monster or Miracle - Les Misérables/Frankenstein fusion - A fusion AU, the first of which has Javert as Frankenstein and Valjean as the Creature, and the eventual second one will have Valjean as Frankenstein and Javert as the Creature. Valjean/Javert, 950 words, rated G

= 146,800 words
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My love is building a magic (Harry Potter, Oliver Wood/Percy Weasley/Hermione Granger, 4,620 words)


Where There is Great Love (The Choice Remix) (Justice League cartoon, Diana/Audrey, Diana/Clark, 1,480 words)


this bullet lodged in my chest, covered with your name (Avengers, James/Natasha, 26,330 words)


The Head That Wears a Crown (Justice League cartoon, Audrey/Diana, 2,865 words)
Mutating the Labyrinth (Greek Mythology, Ariadne gen, 5,255 words)
From the Void Abyss by Myriads Came‚Ä® (Good Omens, Arizaphale and Crowley gen, 3,565 words)


2 Justice League cartoon
1 Avengers
1 Good Omens
1 Greek Mythology
1 Harry Potter


2 Gen
1 Femslash
1 Het
1 Multiple (Het and Femslash)
1 Threesome

Total story count: 6

Word count: 44,115

Fanfiction meme )
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My List of Fanfiction )


17 Merlin
3 Justice League
2 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
1 Boy Meets World
1 Doctor Who
1 Hanna
1 Inception
1 Justified
1 Madelyn Mack
1 Megamind
1 Pirates of the Caribbean
1 Stargate Atlantis
1 Thor
1 Young Justice
3 Crossovers (Despicable Me/The Incredibles, Glee/High School Musical, DCU Animated/Greek mythology)


11 Gen
10 Multiple (1 Threesome and Het, 3 Femslash and Het, 6 Slash and Het)
7 Het
5 Femslash
4 Slash

Story count: 37
Total word count: 106,395

Thoughts about my fanfiction this year )
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24 fics in various fandoms: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Leverage, SGA, Hot Fuzz, Good Omens, Glee, HIMYM, etc )

The fanfic in review meme )

So that's 24 stories:

-8 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
-2 Leverage
-2 Glee
-1 Avatar: The Last Airbender
-1 Darkwing Duck
-1 Doctor Who
-1 Stargate: Atlantis
-1 Community
-1 Arthurian mythology
-1 Chrestomanci
-1 Greek mythology
-4 Crossovers (Hot Fuzz/Good Omens, How I Met Your Mother/Harry Potter, Stargate: Atlantis/SG-1, Glee/High School Musical)

And a total of, uh, 55,450 words written! Considering I didn't write anything for three months there, I think that's pretty good.
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Outnumbered Like the Alamo (SGA, McKay/Sheppard, Weir/Zelenka, 14,800 words)
The Girl With the Weight of the World in Her Hands (SGA, female!McKay/Zelenka, 3,330 words)
Not Exactly Make-up Sex (SGA, McKay/Zelenka, 240 words)
The Taste That Lingers On Your Tongue (SGA, Emmagan/Zelenka, 500 words)
Percentages (Leverage, Sophie/Parker, 240 words)


Head High to the Finish (SGA, McKay/Keller, McKay/Keller/Zelenka, 5,800 words)


And Time Yet For a Hundred Indecisions (Brothers & Sisters, Saul/Henry, 1,200 words)
here is the deepest secret nobody knows (SGA, McKay/Zelenka, 6,000 words)
Conversation: Greg House and David Hodges (House/CSI: Las Vegas, Hodges/Sanders, 305 words)
Conversation: Barney Stinson and John Sheppard (HIMYM/SGA, Barney/Robin UST, 380 words)


The Aftermath Job (Leverage gen, 4,730 words)
More Universal Than Life (SGA gen, Carson and Radek friendship, 4,530 words)
One Line Meme: Peter Kavanagh (SGA, Kavanagh/Miko, Kavanagh/Novak, Kavanagh/McKay UST, 320 words)


One Line Meme: David Hodges (CSI gen, David Hodges, 225 words)


Such Delight As Prisoned Birds Must Find In Freedom (Regeneration gen, Siegfried Sassoon, William Rivers, 2,560 words)
Swept By the Tempest Of Your Love (Yozakura Quartet, Hime Yarizakura/Kyosuke Kishi, 919 words)
Signs and Archangels' Trumps (Good Omens gen, Aziraphale, Crowley, Adam, 2,740 words)


2 Leverage
2 Crossovers (One House/CSI, one HIMYM/SGA)
1 Brothers & Sisters
1 Good Omens
1 Regeneration
1 Yozakura Quartet

Word Count: 48,820 words

Stuff I never expected to write in 2009 would definitely be the McKay/Zelenka/Keller threesome! Hopefully I'll write more this year, and since I already have two fics finished and awaiting beta-work for January, I think I will!
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If you're interested, here's the 2007 list.

The 2008 Writing Year In Review )

18 stories:

-5 Stargate Atlantis
-4 How I Met Your Mother
-2 Stargate SG-1/[profile] clanmitchell
-2 Life
-1 The Magnificent Seven
-1 Wizard of Earthsea
-3 Crossovers (2 SGA-SG-1, 1 The Office/HIMYM)

Total word count: 37,955

Only 18 fics this year, a good handful were under 1,000 words. Lame, self. But hopefully I'll be finishing fics up. I do have another fic finished and just having Bella check it over for me, so that'll be posted in January, and then I'm almost done with the John/Teyla one. So that's a good start on 2009.
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Yes, I'm doing the writing year in review thing. Mostly because I feel like I haven't accomplished anything, and I know that isn't true. If I finish some more before New Year's, I'll be sure to add them in.

The 2007 Writing Year In Review )

34 stories!

-25 Stargate Atlantis
-4 Stargate Atlantis/Stargate SG-1 crossovers
-2 Harry Potter
-1 Torchwood
-1 Classical mythology

Total word count: 78,690


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