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 No, seriously, someone talk to me about the How I Met Your Mother series finale right now please. 

Note: Spoilers in the comments.
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...So, so much. *dies laughing*
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Yay, I got S1 & 2 of How I Met Your Mother today. *hugs the DVDs*

And I finished my HIMYM/The Office crossover, in which Oscar and Gil go to James and Tom's wedding and Oscar gets to dance with Robin. :D How have I already written three HIMYM fics?
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I guess that's obvious, seeing as I posted a gen fic with a smidge of Ted/Barney called Fag Hags Are the Best (Because They Aren't Hags At All).

Another good fic (that I beta'd, whee) is [ profile] redwinevinegar's Upward Mobility- a The Office/HIMYM crossover that's Robin/Karen.

I'm also working on a Ted/Barney/Robin fic called I'm Gonna Need a Forklift ‘Cause All the Baggage Weighs a Ton.


“Truth: have you ever been physically attracted to me?” Barney asked and Ted choked on his beer.

Robin, though, threw her head back and laughed. “Aw, does Barney need an ego-boost? Not feeling pretty tonight?” she cooed, voice dripping with pseudo-concern and sympathy. Then she shook her head and downed her latest glass of scotch. “Dare then,” she said, once she’d swallowed.

Even as he struggled to get oxygen back into his lungs, Ted noticed that she neatly avoided even hinting at an actual answer.

“Okay.” Barney had on a look that Ted recognized: it’s the one he wore whenever a woman fell for one of his lines hook, line, and sinker. “Dare: tell me if you’ve ever been physically attracted to me.”

“Foul!” Ted protested, once he could breathe again. His shirt was now damp, smelling strongly of alcohol as it stuck to his skin. He rolled his eyes and tugged at his collar, trying to decide if he should just ditch the shirt entirely as he said, “The cherished and sacrosanct rules of Truth or Dare clearly state that once someone has been asked a question and refused, no one can dare that person to answer.”

Barney made a face in his direction, pouting like Ted had just pulled a Lily and ordered him to stand in the corner of the apartment for a time-out. “Fine. Geez, Ted, this game was supposed to get you to lighten up.” He frowned, obviously trying to think up a dare to top his question.
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*cough* So, I am up to How I Met Your Mother ep 3x03 and seem to have committed fic.

Would any of you be willing to beta my How I Met Your Mother fic? Fag Hags Are the Best (Because They Aren't Hags At All) looks to be about 3,000 words with a smidge of Barney/Ted (but mostly Barney just being Barney).

Excerpt: As Marshall muted the TV, he asked tiredly, “What do you want, Barney?” If he was calling to actually talk about the awesome sex he’d just had, Ted felt justified in hanging up on him.

True to form, Barney ignored the question. “Totally hypothetical scenario: if I told you that your gay boyfriend from last night was threatening me, would you rescue me or just laugh and hang up, leaving me to be found three days later floating in the Hudson, murdered while in the prime of my life?” There was a pause. “Second hypothetical scenario: if your gay boyfriend murdered me, would you suit up for my funeral?”


Mar. 5th, 2008 07:08 pm
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I'm 1,200 words into a Barney/Ted fic for How I Met Your Mother. I blame you so much, [ profile] duckduck. So. Much. *mock glares*


Ted blinked and replayed the second-to-last sentence a couple times in his head until he thought he actually understood it. "So, we're at a gay bar looking to pick up chicks."

"Yes." Barney grinned. "This is going to be legend--"

"Barney. We're at a gay bar, looking to pick up chicks," Ted repeated. "On a list of your top ten worst plans, this is already at number three, and the night hasn't even gotten started yet."

"O ye of little faith," Barney said, slapping him on the shoulder.


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