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Aug. 25th, 2007 07:24 pm
cinaed: I improve on misquotation (Radek (Radek Zelenka))
Stargate: Atlantis

The Boy Who Didn't Need Stories by [ profile] wojelah (Gen, Radek-centric, with a hint of pre-ship Radek/Teyla)

Oh, I really have no words for how lovely this story is. It's quiet and poetic and beautiful, and there's no good way to describe it, but it made me feel so much better about my day.

Once upon a time, there lived a small boy who had no use for fairy tales. Many years later, his head pounding and blood on his shirt, opening his eyes and finding that he is sitting against a sealed bulkhead, with a ton of debris cutting three of his friends off from their only chance at safety, Radek Zelenka thinks about his grandmother, and the story of the golden bird, and realizes that he might, finally, have started to understand.


Five Games Sylar Never Played by [ profile] sameoldhope (Gen, Sylar-centric)

Five different AUs of what could have happened over S1. All of them are amazing and have wonderful characterization. Definitely worth a read.

There are no rules of engagement when it's a game of power.


Outstanding, Soldier by [ profile] sundancekid (The Office US/Little Miss Sunshine)

I never would have thought of Frank/Toby, but oh, it works perfectly. They're both so tired, and the way they interact-- it's really an engaging and wonderful story.

He only has one student who seems at all promising: Toby Flenderson.

What The Ducklings Did On Their Summer Vacation (SGA/House, Gen)

You wouldn't think this works, but it does. The interactions were hilarious and amusing, and the entire story was quite believable.

Wherein the ducklings are recruited, captured, rescued, yelled at, and that thing they’re not going to mention again ever, and discover that brilliant jerks aren't only found on Earth.
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Okay, maybe I missed something, but I just watched a S2 House marathon on USA and I'm...very, very irritated, seeing as they showed us "Euphoria" and then skipped TWO EPISODES to show us "No Reason." I'm a little clueless.

Can someone explain? )
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Here's my list, respectively, my Wendy Simms table, my Greg Sanders/David Hodges tables, my Radek Zelenka tables, and my Robert Chase/James Wilson table.

My Wendy Simms Table for [ profile] csi50

001.blood, sweat & tears 002.beguiled 003.slow suicide 004.ooze 005.saints & sinners
006.something humans do 007.tabula rasa (blank slate) 008.solitary 009.records 010.flesh
011.from whence we came 012.spirituality 013.bittersweet me yourself
016.ordinary 017.gossip 018.denial 019.once in a blue moon 020.wild trip
021.sedated 022.stop and think 023.need you tonight 024.playboy 025.cold
026.inner geek 027.rattled 028.feel good 029.what i want 030.cross the line
031.creative 032.over soon 033.disbelief sleep tonight, click, boom
036.independent 037.methodical thinking 038.take a stand 039.fear 040.procedural
041.on my mind 042.relationships by one 045.shame
046.lose control 048.death 049.writer's choice -- victim 050.writer's choice -- time

My Greg Sanders/David Hodges Table for [ profile] 100songs.

001.Dare You to Move 002.As I Lay Me Down to Sleep 003.It’s a Beautiful Life 004.Unwanted 005.Naked
006.My Immortal 007.There You’ll Be 008.Everything Burns 009.Superman (It’s Not Easy) 010.Hanging by a Moment
011.Hold On 012.Fly 013.Someone’s Watching Over Me 014.The Sacrament 015.Silver and Cold
016.You Raise Me Up 017.Numb 018.Reverie 019.Torn 020.Untitled
021.Angel 022.Wires 023.Meant to Live 024.Sand and Water 025.The Winner Takes it All
026.Scars 027.Listen to Your Heart 028.Faith of the Heart 029.Last Kiss 030.Hello
031.Broken 032.Float On 033.Sick Cycle Carousel 034.Miss a Thing 035. Jaded
036.Tomorrow 037.Wonderful World 038.Headstrong 039.Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door 040.Unwell
041.Dance Me to the End of Love 042.The Reason 043.Goodbye to You 044.Cry 045.Vindicated
046.Die for You 047.Beautiful Goodbye 048.Since U Been Gone 049.A Place for My Head 050.All Things Must Pass
051.Another One Bites the Dust 052.At the Beginning 053.Because of You 054.Blowin’ in the Wind 055.Butterfly
056.Chances 057.Cleaning Out My Closet 058.Concrete Angel 059.Crackerbox Palace 060.Cryin’
061.Drift Away 062.Drops of Jupiter 063.Early Morning Blues and Greens 064.Every Rose has it’s Thorns 065.Family Portrait
066.Flavor of the Week 067.Good Riddance 068.Hallelujah 069.Hide 070.Innocent
071.I’ll be There for You 072.In My Life 073.Imagine 074.Iris 075.Just Breathe
076.Long Way Round 077.Look Through My Eyes 078.Make Your Own Kind of Music 079.More Than Love 080.One Last Breath
081.Rain 082.Right Kind of Wrong 083.Sex on the Beach 084.Show Me Love 085.So in Love with Two
086.Strange Disease 087.Superman’s Dead 088.Television 089.The Times They Are a’ Changing 090.Too Bad
091.Unanswered Prayers 092.November Rain 093.Wash Away 094.Why Haven’t I Heard from You 095.Wild Horses
096.You Ain’t the First 097.Writer’s Choice – Nothing to Lose 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.

My David Hodges/Greg Sanders Table for [ profile] slash_100

001.Beginnings. 002.Middles. 003.Ends. 004.Firsts. 005.Lasts.
006.Hours. 007.Days. 008.Weeks. 009.Months. 010.Years.
011.Friends. 012.Enemies. 013.Lovers. 014.Strangers. 015.Classmates.
016.Family. 017.Parents. 018.Children. 019.Him. 020.Her.
021.Birth. 022.Death. 023.Life. 024.Choices. 025.Accident.
026.Smell. 027.Sound. 028.Touch. 029.Taste. 030.Sight.
031.Sunrise. 032.Sunset. 033.Too Much. 034.Not Enough. 035.Mask.
036.Breakfast. 037.Lunch. 038.Dinner. 039.Food. 040.Drink.
041.Rain. 042.Snow. 043.Lightning. 044.Thunder. 045.Storm.
046.Winter. 047.Summer. 048.Spring. 049.Fall. 050.Vacation.
051.Humor. 052.Angst. 053.Fluff. 054.And. 055.If.
056.Birthday. 057.Christmas. 058.Thanksgiving. 059.Halloween. 060.New Year.
061.Broken. 062.Shattered. 063.Hurt. 064.Agony. 065.Healing.
066.Anger. 067.Love. 068.Loss. 069.Jealousy. 070.Denial.
071.Sex. 072.Kink. 073.Threesome. 074.Seduction. 075.Party.
076.Secrets. 077.Betrayal. 078.Discovery. 079.Confession. 080.Redemption.
081.School. 082.Work. 083.Home. 084.High. 085.Low.
086.Circle. 087.Heart. 088.Lost. 089.Found. 090.Missing.
091.Epiphany. 092.Dream. 093.Break-up. 094.Make-up. 095.Lies.
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.

My Radek Zelenka Table for [ profile] philosophy_20

1.Birth 2.Loss 3.Ends Justify The Means 4.Inertia 5.Syzygy
6.Theory 7.Both Sides 8.Faith 9.Orientation 10.Time
11.Extrinsic 12.6th Sense 13.Love Beyond Desire 14.Parallel 15.Infinity
16.God 17.Lack of God 18.And if the answer is no / can I change your mind? 19. Caught in the form of limitation. 20.Reflection

My Radek Zelenka Table for [ profile] au_abc


My James Wilson/Robert Chase Table for [ profile] alphabetasoup

(NOTE: I've dropped this claim, but I still really like the two fics that I did)

A is forAmuck. B is forBric-a-brac. C is forCrow. D is forDiatribe. E is forEsoteric.
F is forFlavor. G is forGravity. H is forHorology. I is forIneluctable. J is forJubilee.
K is forKaboom. L is forLeonine. M is forMars. N is forNautical. O is forOpiate.
P is forPoint-blank. Q is forQuandary. R is forRamshackle. S is forSpartan. T is forThief.
U is forUgly. V is forVex. W is forWhilom. X is forXanadu. Y is forYin.
Z is forZombie.
cinaed: I improve on misquotation (Chase and Foreman)
I have much more House/Wilson, but I found some awesome Chase/Foreman ficlets.

Inertia by AndreaLyn.

Quotation: Chase, learning, always learning from House, has been gravely curious, wondering what Foreman's lips tasted of, what it would be like to slowly touch his cheek, wondered if Foreman fell to vices like the rest of the human race.

A kiss like two lovers would dance; slow, sure.

Foreman doesn't protest, but it's not him agreeing. It's two shots of tequila and four beers and basic human nature - those carnal sins of pleasure, enjoyment - that kick in and finish the job. It lasts shorter than even the worst one-night stand; a paltry fifteen seconds and it's over.

The damage is already done.

The Best Cure for a Hangover by Megs.

Quotation: "It's my vacation time," Foreman says. "What am I supposed to do?"

"I don't know. I wasn't aware your idea of a vacation was getting pissed and showing up at my flat at two AM," Chase says cheekily, catching a piece of shredded lettuce falling from his mouth with his tongue.

"Shows how much you know," Foreman says. He helps himself to a napkin from a small holder that Chase had placed beside a state-of-the-art toaster and sits at the breakfast bar. "Better than drinking alone."

"You were drinking alone." Foreman ignores Chase and points at a futuristic blender. "You can afford that, but you have to buy me dinner at Carl's Junior?"

"I didn't have to. You got it good. Usually it's McDonald's for me."

Any Port by mercaque.

Quotation: Bile and old vodka, Chase thought. He could identify the smell as soon as the door slammed shut behind him, and before long he was soaking in it, swimming in it, drowning in it.

It was inevitable, he supposed, that one day they would get caught "investigating" a patient's home. Chase had always been the most eager of his colleagues to follow House's hunches, right into other people's living rooms if necessary. And he had blithely brushed off both Foreman's groaning reluctance and Cameron's skittishness as entirely unappreciative of House's genius.

But getting handcuffed, booked, and thrown into a general holding cell - complete with orange jumpsuit - had seriously shaken his opinion.

Our Father by Optimal Flow.

Quotation: Chase had a smudge on his forehead. Normally, Foreman wouldn't have noticed but today Chase was dressed impeccably: matching shoes, dark suit, blue shirt and a tasteful tie. He looked like he was going to a funeral, all except for that damn dark spot on his forehead.

Foreman resisted the urge to wipe it off, knowing Chase would get that pinched look on his face and be sulky for the rest of the day. Still, it bothered him. Why would Chase actually match and, if he took the time to care about his clothes, why would he miss a huge spot on his forehead like that? It didn't make sense.
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Yes, I know, but I many awesome ones to share!

Gossip by Gena Fisher.

Quotation: "They already talk," James said and had the pleasure of seeing Gregory House speechless for the first time.

"They talk?" House asked. "About us?"

Wilson shrugged. "Of course. I thought you were gossip central? You think people don't notice we spend an inordinate amount of time together?" As he spoke Wilson saw the surprise in his friend's eye change to something a bit more speculative. "Oh no. What are you planning?"

"Nothing, nothing at all."

Maryland by Shalott.

Quotation: Busted. House tried to keep the cover of Entertainment Weekly from showing.

"Why don't you have a patient in here? Never mind, stupid question," Cuddy said. "Come with me."

He sighed and put down the magazine and limped after her as slowly as he figured he could get away with. Except she continued straight on past the waiting room, into the lobby, and out through the front doors. That was where she noticed he wasn't right behind her, and stood arms-folded until he caught up.

"Have you considered a wheelchair?" she said, whirling around to keep going.

"Hey, you know, maybe I could get one of those motorized ones and have it souped up. I bet I could break fifteen miles per hour going around the Memorial Hall," he said. "Is it too much to ask where we're going? Because if you're trying to find someplace private to have your wicked way with me, I'm sure there's someplace nearer than the next town over."

"Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you and dump the body. I watch too much CSI to think I could get away with it," she said, stopping at a car in the parking lot. A Jaguar, which figured.

"Well, that just fills me with confidence."

A Momentary Lapse of Reason by Faded.

Quotation: "I said, are you in love with her?" Cuddy's expression is simultaneously challenging and sympathetic; House wonders if that puts an added strain on the muscles of the face, and whether all that pissy sympathy makes her tired.

He glances out into the crowd, and Wilson and Julie are together now, with Wilson's hand on her arm and their heads bent together while they whisper and smile at each other. They're all perfect white teeth and soft white skin.

"Yes," House says. "Madly."

Wilson presses a kiss to Julie's lips. House's fingers tighten around his cane. There's a tremor starting in his thigh and he's never felt weaker in his life.

Cuddy says, "Oh," in a peculiar tone of voice that makes House think he just gave something away, something important. He doesn't look at her, because he doesn't want to see that knowing in her eyes.

Excessive Tape and Major Miracles by Caro.

Quotation: House frowned. Now, this was strange. He'd been waiting for Wilson to show up all afternoon, first because he hadn't caught Wilson up on the plot twists and turns on his soap this week, and then because he'd wanted Wilson to give him the report as to how pissed Cuddy really was. Clearly, Wilson had fallen down on that second job but House was willing to forgive him.

"Trouble in Paradise?" Chase asked.

House glared at him, but Chase was showing those rare moments of actually having a spine, and refused to cower. This irritated him even more.

"Well, we all can't have your luck with the gentlemen, now can we?" House said.
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Here's some House M.D. fanfiction recommendations. All are House/Wilson, though I'll offer up some Chase/Foreman ones eventually. *grins*


"Diagnosis: Wilson by Commodoresexual

SUMMARY: Wilson gets more than he bargained for when he lets the ducklings diagnosis him.

"Patient Write-Up: Cameron, Chase, Foreman by Commodoresexual

SUMMARY: Cameron, Chase and Foreman delve into the healing process for Wilson.

"Treatment; House by Commodoresexual

SUMMARY: You can't always get what you want, but sometimes, you get what you need.

"Five Days a Week by Milkshake Butterfly

SUMMARY: Five ways in which the Duckings *didn't* find out about House and Wilson.

"Lies, damn lies, and statistics by Nigeltde

SUMMARY: Diagnosis: divorce, or complete cessation of all higher brain functions.


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