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I was going to laugh to you guys about seeing two rabbits, a bat, and two opossum last night...but then TJ hit a deer on his way home and banged up Mom's car, so yeah, less funny. Poor TJ. Luckily he was on a 35 MPH road and insurance should cover the damage, but still. He's shaken up and Mom's upset, because every time she so much as gets a dime, something happens and she's back to worrying over money.


Jun. 19th, 2008 04:52 pm
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My mom got a job, the one she wanted.


Isn't she awesome? (Answer: yes.)
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My uncle on my mother's side is going in for surgery today. They're going to try and fix a brain aneurysm they discovered over a month ago. Both my grandfather and my great-aunt died of aneurysms, so we're all torn between happiness that the doctors caught it in time and anxious as to how the surgery will go.

I don't get to see Uncle Ricky very often-- he lives in another state and can only make it every other Christmas-- but he's a great guy, with a wife, a daughter, and three sons. My cousin Courtney is graduating college and getting married in June. The other three are in high school and middle school. I really want to see Uncle Ricky get to walk Courtney down the aisle and be at his sons' graduations.

So-- if you're one to pray, please include my uncle in your prayers. If you're not religious, feel free to just think good thoughts for him.
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Ace: Hey, I need to file my state and federal tax returns before I go back to college.
Mom: Great! Here's an advertisement in the newspaper that says if you go to the IRS webpage, you can e-file your state and federal returns for FREE. It even says no hidden fees! Here, use TurboTax!
Ace: Yay! *goes to TurboTax website and basks in the shiny glow of FREE* Okay, let me grab my W2 form and get this done! It shouldn't take too long! *begins to fill out the online form*

...a half-hour later

Ace: *stares at the endless list of questions* No, I did not donate money to a charity or politician. Look, I just want my money back, please. Enough with the questions!
TurboTax website: ...So, have you had jury duty this year?
Ace: *whimpers a little and keeps on answering stupid questions*

...a little while later

Ace: Aha! Finished! Okay, now just to file it for free-- wait, a $55 fee? What the fuck? That isn't free!
TurboTax website: *cheerfully* Actually, if you look at the small print, only your federal tax return is free. The state tax return has a $30 fee AND since you wanted it to go directly into your bank account, there was a second $25 fee. So you need to give us $55 before we file your returns.
Ace: But-- but-- "no hidden fees" and, and FREE--
TurboTax: But the fees aren't hidden! They're very clearly on the front page in the tiny print in the corner.
Ace: But, free--
TurboTax: Give us all your money, now.
Ace: Oh, fuck all that in the ear. *cancels and goes to the IRS website* What? All the websites have a, "free! (except for the $10/$20/$30 state tax refund fee, but pay no attention to that)" disclaimer. You LIED to me, government! You LIED. What's next, there really WEREN'T Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq?
Mom: *glares a little, enough to point out she is, in fact, Republican* ...Just file the damn taxes, dear.
Ace: *hangs head and goes to the $10 site, muttering darkly under breath and answering the same endless questions as on the TurboTax site*

...a little while later

Ace: Aha! Finished! And it only took me-- two hours? Fucking hell.
Mom: Oh, you're done? Wonderful! Now you can help your brother file his!
Ace: ...Woe.
TJ: *files his taxes in thirty minutes* This was easy! Why were you so pissed off and complaining earlier?
Ace: ...I hate you all.
Maggie: *chews on TJ's W2 form, tail twitching*
Ace: *pats fondly and pretends not to notice that the cat bites at her hand instead* That's right, Maggie, stick it to the Man.
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So I tried to buy alcohol for the first time last night. It was supposed to be a present for my best friend's parents, since their birthdays are coming up. However, apparently there is a rule where you have to bring a non-expired license to get alcohol. Either that, or the guy thought I had a fake ID or something. *sighs* Just because I am 4-foot-10-inches does not mean I'm twelve, people.

I must say, I am intrigued by this rule about having a valid license on you before you can get alcohol. I mean, of course he couldn't trust my old license, which clearly has my photo and my birthday and even a helpful, "Age 21 on August 7, 2007" on it. Clearly having my photo and DOB on a legal document is totally not good enough to get alcohol. *rolls eyes* And I am intrigued by how people without licenses obtain alcohol, as well as immigrants who have just gotten into the country. Are they forced to use their passports?

...Also, am I allowed to drop out of school and just stay with my kitties forever?

Maggie has lost like half her weight since August, and the previous flea infestation seems to have rattled her so much that she's actually nibbling herself bald. Kitty! *wants to cuddle her* Of course, that hasn't stopped her from trying to claw my hand last night or sit on the keyboard and smirk evilly at me, so I suppose she's all right, heh.
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So, last summer we had these three guys from West Virginia come and do some yardwork and fix-up stuff in the house for a week or two. They're family of one of my mom's friends at school, and were all really nice guys, even though they smoked.

They're coming again this summer. Er, tomorrow, specifically. They'll be staying in the basement, which happens to be my brother's domain and his responsibility to clean. All he has to do is clean the den and the bathroom downstairs. That's all.

Mom told my brother last week he needed to clean the basement. Did he clean downstairs? No. So guess who got to clean for four, five hours downstairs? Yours truly of course.

I-- I honestly have no words for how disgusting his bathroom was. I walked in and the smell hit me like a slap to the face. I almost threw up. And the toilet? Completely black. Too me forever to scrub it clean, and THEN I had to work on the shower.

It was-- yeah. And I definitely don't have a Mother's Day gift because I asked TJ to buy a present and I'd pay him back and he's MIA. Who knows if he'll actually be home for Mother's Day.

...I really, really hope she kicks his free-loading butt out of the house like she keeps saying she will. Gah.
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I haven't even been home for 24 hours and my mom's already on my case to get a job. ...I don't even have my license. How does she think I'll get to a job?

And in other news, I had a SPN/Doctor Who crossover dream. Which is weird because, well, I've only seen five episodes of SPN and the season of DW with Charles Eccleston. Ha.

And I also reread the first book of The Enchanted Forest Chronicles -- Dealing With Dragons -- and I've found characters that would be perfect for Elizabeth, Radek, Simon, Chaya, Allina, Katie, Chuck, Kolya, and Tyrol (sp, can't remember Sora's father's name). And in the next book I know there's perfect John and Rodney's characters. And it gets to be John/Elizabeth, Katie/Chuck, and Rodney/Radek. Hee. *pats series*

Ange, I've got the Czech history books and American Gods in a box for you. Do you want me to see if I can get to a bookstore and try and grab you Dealing With Dragons and So You Want to Be a Wizard? :)


May. 4th, 2007 04:50 pm
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Yay, home! *downloads Yahoo Messenger, worships the Sci-Fi channel, and goes to find something to eat*
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So, I got a letter from my grandmother today. You're probably thinking, "Yay, grandmothers are awesome!" and, well, yes, as a matter of fact my grandmother IS awesome. She watches CSI and other forensic shows, after all, and thinks my dad's a deadbeat. What isn't there to like about her?

So no, the problem I have wasn't with my grandmother. No, my grandmother had tried to be a sweetheart and send me a check...for Valentine's Day. Yes. So the letter I received today, March 26th? Was sent on, oh, February 8th.

This makes me sad, because after the first month I told Grandma to void the check and balance her checkbook because I doubted the letter was ever going to arrive. *looks at torn pieces of the check sadly*

Then again, at least it arrived within, you know, two months, and won't mysteriously appear twenty years later. ;)
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You don't realize how spoiled you are until you go home and the washing machine's broken.

And then your mother declares a new rule of, "If I cook, then you clean."


*looks at the crapload of dishes and whimpers*
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I am back home for spring break. Unfortunately, my Mac seems to be even crappier than usual. I can't access my friends list or anyone else's list, and it took me about four restarts of the computer before it even let me post this.

I'll probably be on AIM, but don't expect me to post a lot this week. Besides, I plan to spend this week sleeping and spending time with my mom. ;)
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Seriously. It was a good day, especially when compared to the blahness of the rest of the week.

First, I woke to a...crapload of reviews for 'Scorecards.' I mean, damn, I knew it was amusing, but not that amusing. Definitely an ego-booster. ;)

Then I cleaned around the house for a bit with Mom, and then tricked her into watching Stargate: Atlantis with me. Fox was showing "Duet" -- my favorite episode so far, though I haven't seen the second half of S2 or any of S3. And so we watched it, and remembered why I love my mother. Because she's hilarious. *grins*

Mom: *watches credits, stares at Joe Flanigan* He's so adorable. He looks like a five-year-old.
*credits continue*
Mom: Wow, that's a lot of pretty people. Why can't I have people that pretty as my friends?
Me: Because we don't know any TV stars.
Mom: *disappointed sigh, stares at Ronon* Hey, wasn't he on Lost?
Me: ...No. Though I might have continued watching Lost after the first season if he had been. Mm. He was on a soap opera though.
Mom: Of course he was.


Me: *bounces and points at Zelenka* Look, it's my favorite character! Isn't he cute?
Mom: *unimpressed and slightly disturbed look* He's your favorite?
Me: ...Shut up.


Mom: *watches the screen, where Teyla is doing the splits on her bed* "Wow, flexible. And how did she get that body?"
*Ronon comes on screen, leaning in the doorway and looking gorgeous*
Mom: *eyes glaze over* ...Better question, how did he get that body?

And then there was the Look of Doom at the end with Beckett and McKay (aw, but it's an amusing scene, really), but I forgive her. She liked Rent, after all, she's still cool.

...Um, right. And then I cleaned some more, took a walk that somehow became a two-hour long walk (this is made even odder by the fact that I live in a town so small it doesn't even have a stoplight), and then watched a Scrubs marathon.

Also, while on my walk, I discovered we have a "Catholic University" next to the elementary school and park. Now, is this a real college? Does my town of 500 people and no stoplight have a university? Curious. I will have to investigate this.

*eyes my McShep fic* I am so not getting this done by Christmas. That's sad because it's a Nutcracker AU. You know, my McKay/Zelenka fics aren't nearly this problematic. And the M/Z fics certainly don't demand an entire universe with so much junk and facts that the fic's 8,000+ words along and still not done.

... *coughs* And that's all, folks. Seriously.
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Dear Self,

Last night's dream? Where the Goa'uld took over Earth? Kinda creepy. Rodney becoming a Goa'uld? Not cool. Having Radek and Carson as his slaves? Also not cool, especially when Radek helped Carson escape and got TORTURED by Goa'uld!Rodney. Totally uncool.

Then Carson came back with a serum that kills the Goa'uld inside the host, with a really banged up Jack O'Neill and trigger-happy Elizabeth Weir there to take out the loyal Jaffa. That was neat. However, using the serum on Rodney and then Carson grimly announcing that there's only a 60% survival rate of the host, and then having me WAKE UP before I could find out if Rodney died? NOT COOL AT ALL. Dude! Especially when there was no reason for me to wake up.

...I'm going with he lived and got with Radek, so nyah.

No love,

Dear Callie,

Oh, my pretty kitty. You are gorgeous. I know you are a princess. And climbing up on the roof and playing damsel in distress? Adorable, especially with your plaintive green eyes and pathetic mewing. However, just because you don't consider Mom a cute enough knight in shining armor doesn't mean you can growl at her and refuse to be rescued, and then resume your pathetic mewling as soon as she gets off the ladder.

Love you even if you're a diva,

Dear Plotbunnies,

I am struggling with my SGA_Santa and my Kavanagh X-Mas fics. Struggling. So stop mocking me by giving me more plotbunnies when you know I have those two fics on a deadline and exams to do. STOP IT. You may resume giving me fic ideas after exams. Please and thank you.

No love,
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Oh my god, I'm bored. Boredboredbored. And this computer is screwed up so I can't really work on fics. *pouts* If anyone wants to IM me, feel free. Really. Unless you're a psycho stalker person (okay, and maybe then as long you're not going to stalk me *grins*).
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*grins* I should mention it more often. See, she's a very devout Baptist, and yet she still manages to confuse and amuse me by being sarcastic and not very Christian-y.

As in, Friday, when she mentioned she'd watched Rent, I did a mental, "Oh shit" and prepared for a rant. Instead she was all, "Collins was my favorite. He was so adorable! The movie made me cry." And then we had a discussion about Mark and whether he was the unluckiest or luckiest of the group at the end.

Then, on Saturday, I wake up and wander out to the family room, where Mom is watching Not Another Teen Movie. ...Yeah. So we watched it together, and can I just say how it's sad I recognized every single one of the movies they were parodying? It doesnt help that I'd just watched Never Been Kissed Friday night. And then I saw that Fox was showing "Conversion" and "Aurora" and started bouncing around the room because "Aurora" was the next episode I needed to see of S2. And so Mom sat down and watched it with me, and we ended up having a discussion on Caldwell and Sheppard's different leadership styles. Found out that my mom dated a lot of military men when she was in college, lol. *snickers* I was a bit saddened by the fact that Zelenka wasn't in either episode, so I couldn't show her my favorite character, but she was amused by McKay and Sheppard, so....

She ended up really liking the show, which surprised me until Sunday rolled around. I'd stayed up 'til 4 watching a Star Trek marathon. As in now I finally understand all the Kirk/Spock jokes. *grins* But Mom wanted to know why I was dead, and when I told her I was watching Star Trek, she brightened and was all, "Oh, Star Trek! With Spock and Kirk and Chekov and Uruha and McCoy and...." And rattled off every single character's name as I stared at her, and then was all, "Oh, come on, sweetheart, I was in college when we had weekend parties watching that show." *grins* So my mom was a Trekkie.

Of course, then we watched David Hewlett's Nothing and she thinks I have the worst taste in movies ever. *laughs* I was amused by it anyway. Though it was definitely, decidedly crack.
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...My brother's computer is definitely screwed up. As in, I can't defrag it because as soon as the laptop starts up, it freezes. Definitely needs to be seen by one of those computer repair guys. Unfortunately, that means, uh, I can't really do anything LJ related. *dies*

So yeah, Ash, sorry that your family's being, uh, themselves. Definitely come for as long as you want winterbreak. You know you're always welcome. *grins* Katie, I have an eye doctor's appointment on Wednesday as 10, but I'll be free after that. And yeah, House/CSI: NY marathon sounds good. Seeing as I'm already bored out of my skull and I haven't been home 24 hours yet.
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In my excitement for getting home to Mom and the cats, I forgot the hell that is my home computer. As in it won't let me respond to people's comments in LJ or see my friends page or anything. *whimpers*

And sadly, I'm the most technologically savvy of my family, since I was banking on using my brother's Gateway laptop instead of the shitastic iMac, only to be informed, "It's too slow, so I use the iMac." I'm all, "Er, have you defragged it lately?" *gets a blank look* So tomorrow I get to try and fix his laptop so I can actually, y'know, not go homicidal over the crappiness that is this iMac.

I can see the comments, I just can't reply to them, so I'll reply via here, heh. Katie, we can hang out whenever you want. :) If you're willing to watch CSI: NY, I have the first season (which I really liked) but we can do a House marathon too. *grins*

[ profile] blue_raven, the song was "Southwood Plantation Road" by The Mountain Goats, I think. The song's on my computer back at school, but I can upload it for you when I get back next Sunday if you want. :) Er, the lyrics are:

I've got you
You've got whatever's left of me to get
Our conversations are like minefields
No one's found a safe way through one yet.

Going Home

Nov. 17th, 2006 01:39 pm
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Homehomehome! My Thanksgiving break lasts from the 18-26th, so I will probably be dead to the world during the next week. Or harassing my cats. *grins* But probably just sleeping a lot and being a lazy slug.

Note to self:

- 4-page art paper due the Tuesday I get back, should definitely do that
- 5-6-page paper on Heart of Darkness due the Tuesday I get back, definitely do that, heh
- Work on my [ profile] sga_santa fic
- Work on my [ profile] kavtolanon Christmas fic
- Finish the damn CSI trilogy *shakes fist at it*
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Well, the Gateway has a virus, so I'm stuck on the Mac, which hates all sites. I can't read my friends page at all, and I'm not sure if I'll even be able to post this. If you can see it, just wanted to say I am home.... ^^;;
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1.) My mother is picking me up tomorrow at 2 PM, and then I'll be free from RMWC forever!

2.) My brother got a job at Toys R' Us, and apparently loves it. He worked 40 hours last week, and volunteered for extra hours this week and is getting $8.50 an hour. This has apparently boosted his confidence, and I don't have to worry about drunken parties anymore, which is always a nice thing. It's always good not to worry about your brother getting busted for underage drinking. ^^;

3.) I finally had a chance to read some manga today, and was reminded how much I love manga. Kekkaishi volume 4 was so, so incredibly sweet and the scene between the dead pastry chef and his little brother was so heartbreaking. Dragon Voice volume 6 was full of interesting plot twists. ...and there was plenty of slash opportunity. *pleased smirk*

The only negative aspect of the day is that I feel like I'm about to vomit and keep feeling dizzy. *looks at list of good things* Eh, I still consider this a badass day.


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