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1. (Avengers/10th Kingdom)

Darcy wasn’t thinking anything of it when she invited Jane, some SHIELD agents, and the Avengers to her cousin’s diner to celebrate her birthday. Sitwell and Coulson would appreciate the food. Plus, in her defense, her cousin Virginia had neglected to mention that a) her deadbeat dad, Darcy’s uncle, hadn’t run off but was actually living in a whole other dimension and b) Virginia’s husband Wolf wasn’t entirely, well, human. When a group of red-cloaked assassins tried to kill Wolf in the middle of the party, however, Darcy found her work life and her family life mingling in some very strange ways. 

2. (Avengers/Hanna)

When Natasha was assigned to investigate the disappearance of Marissa Wiegler, she hadn’t expected to uncover a C.I.A. program far too similar to Department X for her own peace of mind. She certainly hadn’t expected to find someone like Hanna. Now Natasha just had to figure out what to do about her. (Clint’s voice in the back of her head jokingly saying, “But Director Fury, she followed Nat home. Can’t we keep her?” didn’t help matters.)

3. (Avengers/Percy Jackson)

Tony had gotten used to the idea of the Norse gods being real and aliens. Finding out about the Greek gods and the fact that to all intents and purposes they’re actual gods? That was a bit harder to take, especially when it seemed as though he was suddenly surrounded by demigods— Hawkeye is the son of Apollo, Darcy the daughter of Hermes, and Maria Hill the daughter of Athena. …Then he discovered Pepper’s mother is Tyche and really lost it. 

4. (Avengers/The Pretender)

SHIELD had been trying to get someone into The Centre for years to no avail when Jarod escaped. When someone noticed the pattern of Jarods with identical faces uncovering crimes across the country, Fury sent Natasha to gather intel on him. Fury hadn’t intended for her to join forces with Jarod against the Centre and raze the place to the ground, but he probably should have expected that outcome.  

5. (Avengers/Young Justice)

The Justice League is a popular comic book universe in the Marvel ‘verse. When SHIELD discovers that a group of teenagers have decided to take up being superheroes inspired by their comic book heroes, they send the Avengers to talk them out of it. Instead, the Avengers become mentors to the teenagers, with particular bonds between Connor and Natasha, Artemis and Clint, Wally and Bruce, Thor and Kaldur, Dick and Coulson, Megan and Tony, etc. 

and one I’m writing:

1. (Avengers/MIB)

Officially, SHIELD and the Men in Black didn’t work together. SHIELD handled the big, flashy alien invasions, while the Men in Black handled the more subtle threats and mundane tasks of a planet within a diversely populated universe. Unofficially, however, the two agencies were more inter-related than they seemed.

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I am in a crossover mood. Like, right now, the current thought percolating in my head is a PotC/Temeraire crossover, where the Black Pearl is a dragon Sparrow stole, having not thought things through, or maybe he was planning on selling the egg to the highest bidder when it hatched on his ship. Turns out it's much harder to hide a dragon than a ship when you're on the run from the British Navy. ;)

Anyways, here's the deal.

If you want to, comment here with something like "1, 6, 7, and 9 form a superhero team. What would their super powers be and who would be in charge?" I have a list of 15 characters ready and waiting to be written in a crossover drabble.

(Last time I did this meme, it managed to turn up the awesome prompt of Alec Hardison/Penelope Garcia.)
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Yeah, I am never working fifteen days straight EVER AGAIN. It is so exhausting, enough so that I managed to get a sinus infection that, uh, involved me not being able to stand up yesterday and throwing up. But then I discovered that Advil Cold and Sinus is the stuff of the gods! I took one, and my headache's gone. I was actually astonished at the absence of pain when the pill kicked in. Now I've just got a stuffy nose and a bit of a sore throat, which is manageable.

Anyway, I'd been seeing that 30 day TV meme going around, and started thinking of shows that should have never been cancelled. A depressingly large list immediately sprang to mind, one of which was Joan of Arcadia. For those of you who haven't heard of the show, it was a pretty much a modern AU about Joan of Arc (get it? Joan of Arcadia?), where God, in various human guises, starts to talk to Joan and ask her to perform some tasks. It was a great show, with excellent characters and was unjustly cancelled at the end of season two, just as Joan met Lucifer. The third season looked set to rock.

And then I thought to myself, wait, Joan's been chatting with God all this time. A God who has never answered her question on "what's the one truth faith?" A God who has been talking to her and only her. Hasn't part of Supernatural season 5 been about searching for God? I am sensing awesome crossover potential here, where the Winchesters and Castiel finally track God down to Arcadia, Maryland. Plus, Grace would be the BEST Hunter, while Luke would be trying to justify the existence of monsters with science. Go on, think about it. Wouldn't it be awesome? I want that fic so hard, even though I gave up on Supernatural in the third season and haven't even seen Castiel on screen.
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...that a lot of the time watching Supernatural leaves me going, "I want a SPN/SGA crossover."

(Spoilers for S2 behind the cut)

I mean, come on, surely someone's thought of this )


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