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I realize my LJ has been mostly doom and gloom due to graduation and personal stuff, so I thought I'd try a list of stuff that made me happy.

1. Susan Boyle.

2. The American Rivals of Sherlock Holmes, edited by Hugh Greene. Or more specifically, the first story in the collection:

'Cinderella's Slipper' by Hugh C. Weir

...You GUYS. *flails* YOU GUYS. The year is 1914. Meet Nora, a female reporter. Meet Madelyn Mack, private eye. Together, they fight solve crime! It's AWESOME!

3. The discovery that while the collection of Miss Madelyn Mack, Detective is only available in its 1914 version for uh $200 (though Lily found me a copy at $78 in yen!), Google Books has the entire book available to d/l in PDF format for free.

...I don't know how that's legal, but, um, I can't bring myself to care. *fangirls Google Books*

Nora! And Miss Madelyn Mack! Kicking ass and taking names! You GUYS. *delighted flailing*

AND! Madelyn Mack was apparently inspired by a real-life detective named Mary Holland, who was friends with Hugh C. Weir. She ran a renowned detective agency in Chicago, and she and her husband (whose name I can't be bothered to look up) published a criminology magazine!

4. Winning second place in the university's poetry contest. (Second year, second place again. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride, but the girl who beat me is amazing and writes wonderful poetry so I don't feel bad at all.)

5. Receiving an invitation to attend the Department Scholar Recognition Ceremony. Apparently if you get a 3.5 GPA or higher in your major, they throw you a party!

6. Figuring out that I'll probably be graduating Cum Laude from university. Go me!
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So, after I finished my exams the last week of April, I packed up, cleaned up the room. I got checked out by an RA, who checked the room carefully and then pronounced that it was all good. I signed a sheet that said so, handed her my key, and left.

...Yeah, now they're trying to charge me $45 for "scuffmarks, discoloration, and 'many scuffs.'" To which I say bullshit, the RA that "discovered" the issues was the one who checked me out the day before. They have the signed paper that says clearly my side of the room was given the all-clear, therefore I should not be charged, fuck you very much.

I get to called ResLife tomorrow and try and argue my case. I've also sent an email and left a message on my roommate's home phone, to get her side of the story and see what's going on.

*plaintively* ...I was having a good day.
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So the phone for my dorm room rings. I glare at it because I hate answering phones without caller ID and then reluctantly pick it up.

Some girl: Hi! Is this Annclaire?
Me: ...Yes.
SG: Hi, I'm just calling about a survey for the college. How do you feel about the Green Movement?
Me: The, uh, environmentalism movement? It's, uh, a good thing.
SG: Well, did you know that the Bible has plenty to say about the environment?
Me: ..........

The hell? Why is my college letting someone pimp Christianity at me? Also, I note she didn't actually introduce herself. *eyeroll* I got a packet of whatever she was talking about since I figured Mom would be interested in it, but seriously, what the hell, people?
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Turned out you needed two prereqs for the class, one of which I, er, hadn't done. *shakes fist at confusing undergrad catalog* Still, I got it all sorted, and have my schedule for next semester.

...Three professors who are evil, but oh well. One's the crap professor I have now, another likes to make up his own literary terms, and the last is in love with James Joyce. *shudders* Still, at least I got Appalachian Folklore and my awesome French professor.


Intro to Literary Criticism – 10:00-10:50
Technical Editing - 5:00-6:15


French - 9:00-10:45
Grammar & Style for Writers – 11:00-12:15
Appalachian Folklore – 6:30-9:30


Intro to Literary Criticism – 10:00-10:50
Technical Editing - 5:00-6:15


French - 9:00-10:45
Grammar & Style for Writers – 11:00-12:15


Intro to Literary Criticism – 10:00-10:50
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I am trying to register for classes. Why yes, registration for me began at 11:30 tonight. Don't ask me why. It is better than 7 in the morning.

However, it's refusing to let me sign up for one class because it's all "You don't have the prereq class of ENGL 306!" (Note: I am currently taking ENGL freaking 306 and will probably get an A, stupid registration thing!)

Now, this is a class I have to take to get my English degree. A class that only happens in the fall, so if I don't get it, I'm shit out of luck.

... *whimpers* I am so calling the registrar office tomorrow and begging them to help me.


Dec. 10th, 2007 05:36 pm
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I will be so glad for this week to be over. I have an A in French at the moment, and I know my stuff, and yet I am about to throw up from anxiety over taking my final tomorrow.

Crap. I'm usually better about exams than this, but the past month has just been so ridiculously stressful and-- I don't know. *sighs* I guess I need to just suck it up and get through to Sunday, when I get see my family again and be finished with this semester. I just wish I didn't feel so nauseous. Or is it nauseated? Whatever. I just wish I didn't feel sick.
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Exam Schedule


French - 11 AM


Edgar Allan Poe - 8 AM


English Language - 2 PM


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When I was younger, I hated books with main female characters. Seriously. I'd roll my eyes and go to find another book. There were a few exceptions, of course. All of Tamora Pierce's books, Meredith Pierce's Darkangel Trilogy, Patricia C. Wrede's Enchanted Forest Chronicles, anything by Bruce Coville, that sort of thing.

...And now I am seriously considering doing my senior seminar project on female sensuality in American literature. *laughs* I had a thirty-minute discussion with Poland, my American Literary History professor, in the middle of class today (as everyone else fell asleep, heh) about female sensuality, sexuality, and identity in Chopin's The Awakening and Fitzgerald's "Winter Dreams." It was the most interested and engaged I've felt about a topic in college in these past three years.

So, About The Awakening and Winter Dreams, AKA Stuff You Really Don't Care About But Which Interest Me )
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Gah. Am considering killing the boys next door. This is the second time this week ALONE that they've woken me up at 9/9:30 in the morning with their stupid music. I would go over and tell them to turn it down, but my roommate's been in this room all four years and says they've always ignored her requests.

...Must. Not. Kill. Morons.

God, I'm so tired. *shakes fist at the idiots*


May. 8th, 2007 01:45 pm
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Just got my grades. So close to straight As but still so far. *glares at Health*

Medieval Literature - A
Contemporary Literature - A
Introductory Psych - A (97.38, baby!)
Intro to Religion - A
Personal Health - B

*does victory dance* 3.8 GPA for this semester. I feel smart!


May. 4th, 2007 04:50 pm
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Yay, home! *downloads Yahoo Messenger, worships the Sci-Fi channel, and goes to find something to eat*
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This means you, Ash. *eyes* Stargate: Atlantis, Friday night, at 9 pm and 12 am Eastern time. That is all.

*waves* See you all Saturday since tomorrow I will be:

1.) Handing over my paper to my professor and fleeing before she can realize what crap it is
2.) Getting driven almost home by a friend's parents
3.) Maybe going to a "Diversity Day" thing at my mom's school. Joy. <-- sarcasm
4.) Finally getting home at who knows when.
5.) Watching SGA, damnit.

*waves* See you Saturday!
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I am on page 10 of my 10-page paper. It is crap, but I can't bring myself to care. I am going to finish this, eat dinner, go clean my room, and either come back here or collapse into bed.

*thinks longingly of bed*
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ARGH. These scholars need to stop sounding so PRETENTIOUS so I will stop being tempted to PUNCH THEM. HARD.

*glares at Robert C. Ross and Cheryl Glenn*

I cannot quote them if they keep using big words that aren't needed or make their sentences TWENTY times longer than it ought to be. Grr. Pretentious jerks.

Why yes, this ten-page paper is driving me crazy. Why do you ask?
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This Saturday, my mom's coming down here to pack all of my stuff and take it home. And when I say all my stuff? I mean everything but the books I need to study, my alarm clock, my tooth brush, my shampoo, and enough clothes to last me until Friday.

That includes my computer. *weeps and clings to it* So I'll be without a computer and at the mercy of the computer lab's whims until late next Friday. The computer lab closes at midnight every night finals week, though, plus, well, finals, so don't expect me to really be online too much.

But yes. I'll be posting my Radek ficathon story tonight and then, er, I'm vanishing for a bit. *pats computer sadly*
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*cough* Okay, so my subject doesn't have anything to do with, well, anything. I just love Catch-22.

But yes, today? Much better day than yesterday.

1.) I now officially have a ride home at next week. Which is, um, good, because I really wasn't looking forward to sleeping in some alley on Radford, ha.
2.) I checked my grade for Psychology and I have a 97. Yes, you read that correctly. *does victory dance of glee*
3.) I have to write an essay, but it's on poetry I have written my essay and I'm actually quite pleased with it, so yay.
4.) I have to finish my fic for the Radek ficathon, but I'm not in an emo "I hate everyone" mood like I was yesterday, so maybe my muse will cooperate today.
5.) I have a burger and a brownie. Today wins!
6.) [ profile] minervacat wrote a totally awesome Lorne fic: A Shopping Cart Filled With Cans (Spoilers up to "Misbogetten")
7.) I found an awesome title for a fic: I wanted to overthrow the government (but all I brought down was somebody’s wife). Oh Bukowski, you crazy, crazy man.
8.) Li-Young Lee is an amazing poet and makes me smile, even when his poems are depressing.

Li-Young Lee's The City in Which I Love You )
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Okay, we had to give a group presentation in Health Monday. There were four of us, and the "leader" had us meet up and was like, "Okay, each of us take two things we have to discuss in the presentation, make up two/three slides, and send it to me, and I'll put it together."

Sounds easy enough, right?

...So when we stood up to give the presentation and she got to my slides, and I realized she had DELETED about 1/3 of my freakin' information. And didn't just, y'know, copy and paste my information either, but instead typed it up her way so there were a bunch of errors, where it was something like:

"Music therapy is used at hospitals & psychiatric facilities. They use muisc therapy to calm people down."

ARGH. You do not use replace 'and' with '&' in a goddamn presentation! And I spell-checked before sending all of my information to you! Why did you not copy and paste my information? I had everything I needed to present on those slides, damn it, and so instead I come across as an idiot who wasn't prepared because I was so thrown for a loop that I started stammering and tripping over my words.

And so now I look to see what my grade is for the presentation. An 80. I hadn't gotten anything lower than a 85 in that class, damn it! It was my one class I was worried about too, everything else I'm pretty sure I'll get an A in. DOUBLE ARGH.

So much for getting straight As for the first time since second grade.

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Intro to Religion -- 8 a.m.
Medieval Literature -- 11 a.m.


Intro to Psych -- 2 p.m.
Health -- 5:30 p.m.


Contemporary Literature -- 11 a.m.
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Back at college with my wonderful, wonderful Dell. *hugs it* And now off to watch BSG and play catch-up on the episodes. *grins* Oh, I will be uploading some songs I promised during my spring break, either today or tomorrow...or Tuesday. *shifty eyes*
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Okay, so I'm sitting there, bawling my eyes out after BSG killing off my favorite character. When this happened for Harry Potter, I called my best friend and ranted and bitched about I hated that book and I wanted Rowling to burn, and then I calmed down and moved on.

So I IM a friend to vent about BSG. All I need is ten minutes of her listening to me whine and blubber and then I will shut up and talk about something else. Does she just sit there and nod? No. Instead she has to say shit like, "Well, unless his name is in the title of the show, the writers can kill him off," and "Well, MY favorite character in this show one time...."

...Um. Not helpful. Please shut the hell up.

So, stupidly, I call my mom. She lets me rant about five minutes about my friend being a bitch, and then ten about BSG being the devil incarnate...and as soon as I finish, starts telling me about how I have no friends and am antisocial and need to interact with people in RL. Never mind that the friend I'd been talking to was from my old university. She still apparently doesn't count as a real friend. This doesn't help my emotional state, because I've been a hermit for the past semester because my best friend here has been busy with school and I have no social interactions outside of her and her roommate and cousin and I'm fucking shit at making friends and interacting with people, even when I want to.

Needless to say, I start feeling like shit again. And then she goes on to talk about how as soon as I get home I'm expected to get my learner's permit (never mind that I haven't looked at any the Virginia laws of driving since, um, I was 16 and wouldn't pass the test) and how I need to shape up and get my life in order.

So yeah, I think I just need to crawl into bed and just ignore the rest of this shitastic day. Because people are just sucking hard right now, and I want to punch someone in the face.


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