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And this is how I am dated --> I watched Nic's "Are You Afraid of the Dark" when it was first 1992. *giggles* And I've downloaded the first five episodes of S1. The horrible acting? Amuses me. A lot.

And then came episode two, "The Tale of the Laughing in the Dark." And there was this kid who looked so damn familiar. I was going, "Who is he? Seriously, I KNOW him."

...That would be because it was fourteen-year-old Christian Tessier, the guy who played "Duck" on Battlestar Galactica. *giggles* Damn does he have beautiful hair though. Really, really pale red so that it seems like pure copper. Nice.

And one of the main storytellers is the actress who played Cher in Clueless. *grin*

Now all I need is for someone to upload "Salute Your Shorts" and "Hey Dude" and my life will be complete. ;)
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Okay, so I'm sitting there, bawling my eyes out after BSG killing off my favorite character. When this happened for Harry Potter, I called my best friend and ranted and bitched about I hated that book and I wanted Rowling to burn, and then I calmed down and moved on.

So I IM a friend to vent about BSG. All I need is ten minutes of her listening to me whine and blubber and then I will shut up and talk about something else. Does she just sit there and nod? No. Instead she has to say shit like, "Well, unless his name is in the title of the show, the writers can kill him off," and "Well, MY favorite character in this show one time...."

...Um. Not helpful. Please shut the hell up.

So, stupidly, I call my mom. She lets me rant about five minutes about my friend being a bitch, and then ten about BSG being the devil incarnate...and as soon as I finish, starts telling me about how I have no friends and am antisocial and need to interact with people in RL. Never mind that the friend I'd been talking to was from my old university. She still apparently doesn't count as a real friend. This doesn't help my emotional state, because I've been a hermit for the past semester because my best friend here has been busy with school and I have no social interactions outside of her and her roommate and cousin and I'm fucking shit at making friends and interacting with people, even when I want to.

Needless to say, I start feeling like shit again. And then she goes on to talk about how as soon as I get home I'm expected to get my learner's permit (never mind that I haven't looked at any the Virginia laws of driving since, um, I was 16 and wouldn't pass the test) and how I need to shape up and get my life in order.

So yeah, I think I just need to crawl into bed and just ignore the rest of this shitastic day. Because people are just sucking hard right now, and I want to punch someone in the face.
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Fuck Battlestar Galactica. Fuck it to hell. A goddamn show should not make me bawl my eyes out over a character and cry like a friend's just died. Shit. This is why I don't pick favorites. Shit. I fucking-- Shit.

ETA: Okay, telling me that "If the title doesn't have his/her name in it, they're allowed to kill him/her"? Doesn't help and really just makes me want to punch you in the face and tell you you're a bitch. Grr. Not helpful at all.
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Yes, I've been watching Battlestar Galactica, why do you ask?

...Yes, I've watched the miniseries and then the entire first season this weekend.

It's just-- *waves hands around* It's so good. Gritty, painful, realistic, with continuity that I only wish could happen on SGA. Someone breaks their leg, you see them in traction and on crutches, fighting a possible pain killer addiction. Someone fucks up, people die. The political mire is so realistic it makes me sigh and nod in agreement and mourn the stupidity of humanity.

And of course, now I want to write a SGA AU where the Ori take over Earth, and so all that's left is Atlantis and maybe the Daedalus that had been just about to leave the Milky Way when it all went down. Where the Lanteans have to actually reach out to the denizens of the Pegasus Galaxy and survive. Settle down, start families, build a new government because they're the last damn humans free from the Ori and they have to keep going.

*facepalms, goes to watch BSG 2x01 because that was a killer cliffhanger*


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