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 So at the beginning of this year, I decided to do an experiment. The only books I would read for 2017 would be diverse books.

What does that mean?

It means that the only books/comics I've read so far this year (all 68 novels and 21 graphic novels/manga at the end of May) were either written by women, authors of color, and/or authors identifying themselves as LGBTQA, and were generally focused on women, characters of color, and/or characters identifying as LGBTQA. 

How has it been?

Pretty amazing, actually! I've been following some great diverse books tumblrs, and have been enjoying a huge percentage of the novels I've read so far. And it's just honestly relaxing and inspiring to be able to read so many diverse books and not have to deal with the POV of white cis male authors. (There are plenty of excellent books written by white cis male authors! But there is almost always a cringe-worthy moment of "...Yep, this was written by a white cis male author!" and it's nice not to have to endure that moment anymore.) 

Will there ever be any recommendations?

Yes! I've got a fic for the wipbigbang that's due on the 16th, but after that I'll be focusing on composing multiple entries about diverse books. I'll probably be dividing it into groups of manga/graphic novels, historical romances, Young Adult fiction, non-fiction, fantasy novels, etc. 

I'll be putting the recommendation lists under the tag "more diverse 2017," so hopefully I'll have one up in the next few weeks!  


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